Monday, January 21, 2008

Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My...

Or should I say, scarecrows and witches and tinmen oh my!

Yep, I'll be somewhere over the rainbow today workin' on the rest of my Oz Firewood Folks.

I may have to borrow the tin man's hatchet to chop me up some more bodies though. Yikes! That didn't sound right. Make that Firewood Folks bodies.

Geez, I had to clarify that, otherwise I might end up on an episode of "Snapped."


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Hey, this cold makes folks do weird chop up bodies!! Whatever!! I'm not questioning!!! tee hee hee!!
Have a fun day creating!!


Greeneyez2 said...

Hah, I LOVE Wizard of Oz characters. My son and DIL recently moved from Kansas and when their first son was born....wouldn't ya know my DD became Auntie Em. It just all fit in place, lol. Have fun creatin' and keep warm!

Cookie said...

I love what I'm seeing so far.... can't wait for more sneak previews goob!

Your FWF are some of my favorite pieces - they are always so much fun.

SayraH said...

Enjoyed your blog so much (& the humor!)...can't wait to come back & read more!

-->Sarah (Blondie's DD)

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