Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What In The Sam Hill??!!!

It was minus 15 degrees less than five days ago.

Well lookie what its readin' this mornin' on this January day in the central New York!

I swear, last Thursday I saw a chipmunk bundled up in a parka and ski mask and today he's sittin' in a tiny lawn chair, sportin' a pair of Bermuda shorts and sunglasses.

Well since its so warm out, I best get my can outside and shovel up all those "doggy landmines" just waitin' to get on the bottom of someone's shoe.

I lead such a glamorous life, don't I? I think I'll wear my diamond drop earrins' for this special occasion.

This afternoon (just for sh*ts and giggles), I hopped on the ol' mower and made a couple passes so I could say I mowed the lawn in January! It doesn't take much to amuse me.


Cook said...

Hey Goob - I think you should cue up the song "we're having a heat wave" :)
I left something special for you at my blog - you are a diamond in the rough for me and I'd be lost without your friendship!
I appreciate you so much...

Bluejean Primitives said...

It's was in the 70's here in Kentucky also! But I wasn't about to start up "Old Red" and mow... you're a better woman than I!
Love your blog! You're just way too funny! Hugs.

The Primitive Lady said...

You sure do keep us laughing! Well, here's a great one for you. I, too, am on the UMI thing. Well, they LOST my website. All my files have been corrupted. I'm doomed. I have to start all over. How is that for a great way to start the year????
Love ya,

Kathy said...

I also have a u-maintain-it website Kittredge Mercantile http://www.kittredgemercantile.com I was also told all my files were corrupted. I just want my site back up. Did you receive any notice of this upgrade umi was doing? I didn't hear a thing about it until I couldn't edit on the 26th of December. Now since the 30th no site. I have been having site issues since October and when I called the phone was disconnnected and it still is. I think something is up with umi I just don't know what. Kathy kmecantile@qwest.net

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Wow....I wish I could scoop poop and mow my lawn in January....some people are sooooo lucky!!! :0]
How can you top that today?


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