Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Heard The Crash...

I was walkin' down along the towpath when I heard this horrific sound. A sound I would like to forget, but livin' on this patch of state route highway; have heard so many times in the past. So often, our fire department gave us emergency flares to keep on hand in case of future accidents.

I could see in the distance cars startin' to slow down in front of my home. All kinds of worried thoughts ran through my head. I immediately called my hubs on the cell phone but the line was busy. (He was callin' 911) I knew it was bad. When I finally got to the front of my property, this is what I saw.

From what we heard, the man drivin' the SUV (on his side) was transportin' a cancer patient. The young fellers in the other car pulled out in front of him and got T-boned.

I have to say for a small podunk town, our volunteer fire department are the BEST! They arrived within minutes. I commend each and every member for a job well done. Even though three ambulances were called, (thank the good Lord above) everyone survived.

I can't tell y'all how many times these kinds of accidents happen in front of our home and some were not so lucky.


kat449 said...

Hey Peanut,
Oh how upsetting. Ouch it looks so awful.I know that heartstopping crunch...after hearing it and then seeing it, it usually takes days to rid those horrendous sites & sounds. Prayers of peace sent to surround you.

hugs, Kat

Bluejean Primitives said...

This upset me just looking at the pictures... Oh Sweetie you must have really been shook up! Thank goodness nobody was hurt bad.

Living here in the country myself, I know all about these horrible accidents. The rule here... stay on your side of the road and look 3 times, both ways at any intersection. (and watch out for Amish and Cows in the road)

Sending a nice hug to ya!

Jean :)

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Thank you Lord for everyone's safety!! I am so glad that no one was hurt seriously....although from the look of the vehicles...tomorrow will be quite a painful day!! Take care!!

naomisnotions said...

What a sight! Thank God everyone is okay! We live on a busy street right at the top of a hill...that sound is MUCH too familar!


Dogpatch said...

I can only imagine what must have been going through your mind when you heard the screech of smashing metal Karin.
I was so thankful to get to the end of the post to read that no one had lost their lives.

Cookie said...

geez... I know I left a comment on this post last week.

I know how shook up you were - that sound is one that will stop everyone in their tracks and make you swallow your heart before you can start breathing again.

Thank the good Lord no one was hurt! It could have been so much worse.

Michelle said...

Scary Peanut....Soooo Scary...


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