Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Want To Ride My Bicycle...

Well, we did it. Hubs and I have been talkin' about buyin' ourselves some mountain bikes and that's just what we did today.

Man, it's been a long time since I've been on one of these. But ya know what they say... "It's like ridin' a bike." Yeah that's easy for some to say. We all know my track record when it comes to bein' coordinated. Y'all should have seen me tryin' to sit on that seat. My backside isn't completely recuperated from my Chevy Chase fall the other day.

I don't know much about these bikes. I picked mine out strictly for the color. Since hubs used to race BMX bikes back in his glory days, he knew what would be appropriate for me.

I do know I look forward to ridin' the trails. I even bought a lil' saddle bag to keep my camera in. Y'all know I love to take photos. The key for me is to stay vertical on it and not take a dirt nap. I suppose I could snap some lovely pics while lyin' on my side though.

Ya know, if gasoline prices keep goin' up like they are; I may be ridin' my bike to the grocery store. But I'd need somethin' to carry the groceries back in.

I wonder if they still make those white baskets with the plastic daisies on the front like I had on my banana bike handlebars as a kid? Ooooh and maybe I'll put a clothespinned playin' card on my wheel spokes. Front AND back! Boy, I'd be mighty cool huh.

And before any of y'all ask... YES, I bought a helmet. I also bought a wider seat. Heck, I knew my can wouldn't be comfortable. Ya can't even fit one cheek on that thing.

:> )


Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

I got one of those trikes and it's got a BIG basket on the back!!!

Yes, Peanut, PLEASE wear your helmet. Might wanna get some more padding too!! LOL!!!!

Cookie said...

you need more cushion buddy! I know they make these fuzzy padded covers and trust me - after a few miles you will be aching for one!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Make sure you get a gel seat darlin'!!! Your tushy'll thank you!! We all got bikes a few years ago....we LOVE ridin'!! It is very hilly here...great butt buster!! LOL!! Have fun!!

Congrats on the Uncle Sam....I knew he wouldn't last him!!

tj said...

...Hello Peanut! Just don't take photos w-h-i-l-e you're riding your bike... Number one, it's dangerous and two, your photos will turn out blurry! lol... ;o) Pretty bike tho' - mine is buried under fifteen years of dust and dirt out in the barn! It's sad...

...I am still laughing over the Jeff Gordan doll below! I've so gotta show that to the husband - he'll die! He goes to the Brickyard every year and every weekend that's all you hear coming out of our livingroom is, "eeeeeeeerrrrrowwwwww" (that's my rendition of the cars on the racetrack lol... ;o)

...Enjoy that bike!

...Blessings... :o)

Laura said...

nice set of wheels !! I agree you need a gel seat the best thing they ever made,your cheeks will thank you for sure!! Have fun

kat449 said...

Hey "Peanut Gordon" #1
Jeffs not gonna have nuttin on you and your flyin baskets peddelin in the wind.... which there would be plenty of room for lil Miss Gracie! ohhh I got the visual goin on now!!!!!

I think my peddle pushin days are long over, a few years ago, the hubs bought me my own deathtrap...I mean bike, anyway couldnt clear the speed bump in the school I was practining in and a fractured jaw and brick prints on my cheek later, (it wasnt pretty) I accepted Im a danger to myself and others and now use the pretty bike as a garden ornie with flowers in the baskets!!! but thats just me...have fun my very brave & courageous buddy!, watch those speed bumps! Hugs, Kat

CraBBy GaBBy said...

You will have a blast...and you can never be to safe or comfortable...I agree the wider seat would make for a much more enjoyable ride.
May you see a beautiful horizon and very little dirt ;)
~Modern day proverb

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