Sunday, March 9, 2008

I've Been Playin' With The Paper Clay Again...

I can't help myself, its so much fun!

I also can't help myself when it comes to the whimsical faces I make. I have a thing for exaggerated features, especially the eyes and nose.

The eyes because they are the "windows to the soul" and noses because... well... maybe it has somethin' to do with that fact that I'm 100% Polish and the noses in my family tend to be rather "ethnic lookin". (That's the politically correct way of sayin' they're huge)

They have bumps and dips and are long, just like a rollercoaster ride! Weeeeeeee! I think if my daddy were alive today he would see the resemblance with his nose and my dollies noses. :> )

Mama and daddy raised us to always be proud of our Polish heritage. Heck, I was doin' the polka and the chicken hop when I was a wee 5 years old. I still have some of the beautiful beaded folk dance vests mama had them made for me. They were all done completely by hand too!

Our Polish traditions like the breakin' of Oplatek (wafer) on Christmas Eve, or havin' our food blessed (Swieconka) the day before Easter continue on. Mama still takes her basket of food to church. The foods we eat on Easter Sunday also have symbolic meanins':
~bread - symbolic of Jesus
~lamb - represents Jesus
~salt - represents purification
~eggs - symbolize life and Christ's resurrection
~horseradish - symbolic of the bitter sacrifice of Jesus
~ham - symbolic of great joy and abundance

Of course my favorite as a young'un was the Baranek or butter lamb. (Lamb of God) One graces our table every year.

My grandparents came from the "Old Country". Daddy told us how they came to this wonderful country of ours to start a new life. They immediately learn the English language, worked hard, made an honest livin' and overcame many hardships. They were proud to be called Americans. I am proud and so thankful they did. Sadly, I wasn't blessed to have met them though. Both passed away before I was born. But I am blessed knowin' their strong family values they taught, ran deep enough to have them passed down to my sister and I.
Dziekuje Babcia & Dziadek!

Please remember to keep your family traditions goin' strong, whatever they may be.

God bless...


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Your remembrance of your family is wonderful!! My mom's family was of the Polish persuasion too...and my dad never let me forget it!! LOL!! How wonderful to continue to follow those traditions!! These are what create family ties!! Thanks for sharin' and God Bless your evening too my friend!!

Cookie said...

I dont know how you find these songs, but they couldnt be cuter!

now go do the polka with your cousin!!

Cookie said...

btw goob, I meant to add - the symbolic meaning of the food you eat on Easter is amazingly profound.
Have you ever seen the Jewish passover? It is phenomenal. I experienced it in 1992 and remember everything about it to this day.

Laura said...

It was nice to read about your family triditions.I agree it is important to keep them. We also follow the same ones.It also freaks me out how similar you and Erron are to George and I .My father is from Poland and my Grandparents lived through the concentration camps ,so to come here to the USA was a blessing.They were very proud to be here and give us all a better life!Thanks for sharing

kat449 said...

Thanks Peanut,
I was so excited to read up on your wonderful Polish tradition. After growing up believeing I was an Italian American Princess, (even had the tee) I found out about 10 years ago, that I am not even close to being an I.A.P. but very Polish. Mom wasnt completely honest about who my real daddy was....whoops! who took the air out of the room???
so a couple of alcoholic relapses, lots of tears, and an identity crisis' later Im mighty proud to be a Polish Sistah. My secret grandma was evidently mulatto so thats where all this rythym came from....Oh play that funky music white girl!!!!! LOVE the vest...thats where all your talent came from... hugs, Kat "ekatchee" and some days Katifa!!!!

Robin said...

LOVE it !!! My Polish Sista !!!" Oh I don't want her you can have her she's too fat for me..."..that was the polka I always remember being played at all the families weddings....LOL
I wish I could write in Polish, all I know are a few phrases and words..... I LOVE the blessing of the Easter Basket filled with the hard boiled eggs, Ham, sausage, horseradish ( as a young girl I learned my lesson about being nosy, by taking too big of a whiff of FRESH ground Horseradish ....lOL)
God go with you !!!

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