Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ding! Ding! Round Two...


In this corner weighin' in at 185 lbs.... Hubs!

In this corner weighin' in at 6.9 lbs... Gracie!

I'm pretty sure you remember my story a few months ago about takin' Gracie (our Chihuahua) to the vets to get her nails clipped. I swore I'd never do it again and I stuck to my guns. The problem was Gracie needed to get her nails done.

Well, hubs was determined to clip them himself. Heck, he does our other two girls with no problem. So he stopped at the pet store and picked up a tiny muzzle. Neither one of us are fond of usin' muzzles but after my "Adventure in Grace-Land", I knew one had to be used.

She immediately smelled the air when I un-packaged the muzzle. The jig was up and she was on to me! I scrambled to hidin' the evidence by whippin' it behind my back. I told hubs to take her in the other room and sit with her on the couch. I stayed behind to make the proper adjustments, hopin' he could just slip it on her.

As I entered the room she knew somethin' was up but wasn't really sure what. I sat down, placed her on my lap and he gently slipped it over her snout and locked it in place. As he turned to grab the nippers, I saw that crazed look in her eyes. The front paws went up to her face and she pulled the Houdini move again. The muzzle was off! How she does it, I'll never know. So that was a waste of 10 bucks.

Hubs wasn't giving up though. He sat her on his lap, grabbed a paw and gave it the old college try. She squirmed and snapped at him. I thought to myself, "Welcome to the party, pal! This is nothin', she's just gettin' warmed up!"

He decided to play it safe and put on his heavy flannel jacket and a pair of leather ridin' gloves. (At least his chances of gettin' carved up like a Butterball would be slim to none) Again, he placed her on his lap. Then the fun began.

I compare it to the old cartoons when a cat and dog went at it in a fight. Only a cloud of smoke and the occasional dog or cat paw comin' out of the top of the cloud. Needless to say she was WILD! She was growlin', clawin', bitin', snarlin' and squirmin'. He was holdin', pressin', leanin' and I think had her in a Full Nelson at one point. The whole time he's laughin' in disbelief.

Finally, after about 25 minutes she just gave up. I couldn't believe my eyes! She sat there, completely docile as he clipped her back nails. When all was said and done, hubs lost about 15 pounds from sweatin' and Gracie finally had nicely manicured lil' tootsies. Man, she is gonna sleep good tonight!

I look forward to round three in a few months. Ding! Ding! Ding!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Oh goodness the visual....where is that dog whisperer when you need him.

All your hubs needed was a good 25 minute wrestle and then Miss Gracie is ready....a girl can't be won over too easily!! LOL!!

Thanks for the chuckle!! Sorry
Mr. P!!


Laura said...

That is the funnest thing Karin !!Erron told me of the pending match this morning !!Glad to hear he won the belt WOOHOO !!
At least she has the heart of a heavy weight.Dad one Gracie zero better luck next time !

Cookie said...

Kinda like breaking wild horses - in a "mini-me" scale! Once you make that first round of the corral, it's a cakewalk :)

You gotta hand it to Erron - what PERSERVANCE !! (it pays to be a lil thick and stubborn in the head, too?)

What a funny tale, goob! She is a spunky lil thing, isn't she? The one and only time I got bit by a dog was by a Chihuahua when I was probably 8 or 9. My brother and I delivered Grit newspapers and one house had an ankle biter that chased me every time I delivered to the door. Somehow she broke loose and took out after me. I was running for the safety of my dad's car when she took a flying leap and landed (teeth first) digging her sharp little incisors into my left buttcheek! Man, I was spinning in circles trying to get her to let go and the more I tried to get away, the harder it felt like she bit. hahaha ... Good thing for them, there weren't lawyers in commercial spots on TV back in those days! I could have owned the papers on that little chipotle chomper!

kat449 said...

Thank you for that absolute hysterical visual. Sorry Hubs. I had such a difficult day, Im so grateful Lil Gracie Gratziani and your hubs made me chuckle...then I had to call my hubs in to re-read it for him and it was funnier the second time with both of us at the "Peanut Gallery" getting our laugh on. So happy alls well...Hugs, Kat

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