Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mama...

You are talented, creative, givin', opinionated, a fantastic cook, strong willed, carin', funny, sarcastic and a "tad" controlling at times.

I am truly blessed to have some of your wonderful qualities and a few not so wonderful ones! :> )

Not only is her name Loretta, she really is a coalminer's daughter. That's her as a baby with her brother and aunt and uncle. She comes from a family of eleven!

Mama had every kind of hairstyle under the sun. (And every color too!)

Check out those 80's (Helmet-Head) hairdos! We could use our heads as batterin' rams.

Happy Mother's Day to my mama, my mama-in-law and to Alma whose been like a grandma to me. I love you all!

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