Tuesday, May 6, 2008

They Have Us By The...

"you know whats."

But if I had one wish, I would wish our nation could go 24 hours without usin' any means of transportation. Would it make a difference? One could only hope. It just might show the oil companies we don't live our lives (completely) around oil.

But it could never happen... Because we do. And they know this.



Doreen said...

It actually would make a tremendous difference P...but can you imagine getting everyone to do it!!!!!!!!!

Love the sign...how very true!!!


Cookie said...

umm... as hubs puts it - those would be the "twins" -
and you are right, we are way too consumed as a nation to worry about what we consume.
While the oil companies rake in RECORD PROFITS, the govt sits back rubbing their hands together while the grunts like you and me try to figure out what we can trim off the budget to accomodate the extra pesos going in the tank!
I tell ya, that motorcycle is looking better and better to me!

Laura said...

You are sooo right if we could give it up for just one day it would be a BIG wake up call to all the oil big wigs that we aren't going to take it any more!!

I'm thinking of going back to horse and buggy!!HAY is cheeper

Pherenike said...

Sad isnt it.

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