Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine...

I was happier than a tick on a hound dog when hubs cemented in our new flag pole!





See that lil' snapdragon peekin' out of the seam of my old wash tub? I haven't planted snapdragons in years. Where'd he come from?



:> )


naomisnotions said...

Hey there!

Beautiful flowers! And Ilove that shed!!!

I saw your maple leaf girl! Just AWESOME!!! Do you sell patterns???? LOL...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! It's always a treat to come peek at yours!!! :)


tj said...

...Hello Karin! And what a fine flagpole that is too! Love all of your flowers - you not only sew like the dickens but you got a green thumb too! Is there anything you DON'T do?! lol... ;o)

...I was doing some catching up here and noticed your hub's bike - that is awesome! Is he selling those? I'd put in for one if he's taking orders...I love it! :o)

...As always, you're amazing!

...Hope you had a happy and safe July 4th and a happy weekend too!

...Blessings Mr.& Mrs. Motorhead... :o)

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