Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Somethin' To Ponder...

Everywhere Across The Land You See God's Face And Touch His Hand

By Helen Steiner Rice

Each time you look up in the sky
Or watch the fluffy clouds drift by,

Or feel the sunshine warm and bright,
Or watch the dark night turn to light,
Or hear a bluebird gayly sing,
Or see the winter turn to spring,


Or stop and pick a daffodil,
Or gather violets on some hill..
Or touch a leaf or see a tree,


It's all God whispering "This is Me...
And I am Faith and I am Light
And in Me there shall be no night."


:> )


Laura said...

Is that your sunflower ? Beautiful! she looks like a sad girl standing and waiting !

Tina said...

I always love the pics on your blog. Makes me smile.
Thanks for the smile

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