Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Photographs And Memories...

Make that "colored pictures and memories."

I must thank my mama for bein' a packrat. She has saved so much stuff since I was a young'un. I am so grateful!

I was goin' through our closet and came upon a box filled with cards made when I had my emergency appendectomy surgery back in 1970. I think many of ya remember the story about how my appendix almost ruptured when our family was at my uncle's weddin'.

I kept tellin' mama my belly hurt. She didn't believe me and kept sayin' "Go do the polka with your cousin Tracy." Daddy ended up rushin' me to the E.R. To this day, that line from my mama is also a standard joke whenever anyone tells me they're ill. I tell them to "Go do the polka with your cousin Tracy." :> )

I ended up havin' to spend my 7th birthday in the hospital. While in there, I was given handmade get well and birthday cards from all my class mates.

Today, I sat there readin' each card with the same (but much older) smile on my face. They are precious!! So I thought I would share a few with ya.

Ooohh... Looks like I found me a birthday cake!
Made by: Janice.

Here I am standin' next to a life size birthday cake. Man, can you imagine?!
This one wasn't signed.

Here I'm gettin' ready to be carted off on a stretcher. But at least I'm still smilin'.
Made by: Sandra.

I'm layin' in my hospital bed. Check out that Dippity-do hairdo.
Made by: Marjorie.

This one is my favorite. Even though I was sicker than heck, I was STILL able to be a Super Heroine. Up, up and away!!!
(I wonder who I knocked out?)
Made by: Tegid.

All you folks with wee ones remember to hang on to all their childhood art. They don't know it now, but they will be forever grateful.
:> )


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you haven't changed a lick with those the hubby was about 22 he didn't feel well and he was living at home and his mom was cooking..and she wasn't cookin for her health you he ate..but still didn't feel good..she told him it was "just gas" he drove himself to the emergency room and called his mom about an hour later telling her he was going into a 80 year old doctor with the now if she is not feeling good we just say "its just gas"...thanks for the memories...:)

Tina said...

I was just thinking that these childhood drawings would be so great as hooked rug projects.
I have a friend who does those with her daughter's artwork. Thanks for sharing. You were always an artist!

Cookie said...

how stinking precious!!!

I'm sure all of mine were lost with the wind but I love yours ♥

Superman is the bomb diggity! hahaha

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