Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of Year...

The other day there was a box sittin' in my mailbox addressed to me! Oooooh! Ya know how crazy I get when there's mail for me (other than bills), so I bee-lined it back inside!

It was from that crazy and wonderful Gina of Cat Nap Inn Primitives!!!

Her sweet note said "Since your dog destroyed yours, I thought I would send you these. They are right up your alley."

When I looked at the gloves I almost busted a gut!!! They are called "LittleMissMatched". Not only do the gloves not match, ya get a third one! Heck, if those don't have my name written all over 'em, I don't know what does!

She also gave me that gorgeous pillow she made on her embroidery machine!! It's perfect, thank you Gina!!!!

Uh-oh... Hannah's eyes lit up like Christmas tree when she saw those gloves! I'll have to keep them under lock and key.

Then hubs came home yesterday and handed me a gift tellin' me it was from Laura. Another gift for me?! Am I dreamin'??!! Quick, somebody pinch me!

Laura is a sweet and very talented gal who my hubs works with. Lord only knows how she puts up with that motley crew over there! She also sells her beautiful handmade jewelry and rosary beads on her Our Lady Of Grace blog.

She made those wonderful Christmas ornies!! Look! Even Darla, Hannah and Gracie each have their own mitten with a snowflake! They were all tucked in that sweet lil' basket! Heck, I already got them hangin' on our tree. Thank you Laura!!

Both you gals have truly touched my heart!!
Thank you again!!!
Man, I'm on a roll here! Maybe I should play the lottery!
:> )


We got more snow yesterday! Yippee!


Karen said...

You sure are taken good care of girlie! I think it's so wonderful when people 'listen' to what we're saying and act on it out of 'caring' and 'love' special these people are.

Cute ornies! And the gloves are sooo cute - I've never seen them before.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Karin,
So glad you love em! have you had a chance to wear em yet? You cleaned up in the gift department from Laura as well..they are really cute..We got snowed on on thursday and it is snowing now as we speak...all the kids are in snoozing...they love being warm..and I am making more stockings and towels to give out to the neighbors along with the cookies I am making...take care and have a fantastic weekend.
Gina :)

Janelle said...

Well looky there you lucky girl! How thoughtful for them to send you those special gifts...
Your house looks wonderful and so Christmasy!!!


Laura said...

Your welcome Karin ! Glad you like them ,I wanted the girls to have something special on the
The house looks GREAT !

Diana said...

LOL I love the gloves how fun and clever are they?? Isn't it beautiful up here this time of year?? and your home is so beautiful, can I move in?? As always, your blog brought a smile to my day!! Blessings, Diana

Cookie said...

what fun!! Love your new mitts, Goob and so kind of Gina to fix you up - and remember the girls too! Merry Christmas, buddy ♥

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