Thursday, December 11, 2008

Worn and Calloused but Still Strong...

Forty plus years of hard work and weatherin' the elements, have taken its toll on my hands.

Not only do they create with passion, they have applauded with happiness, have wiped away tears, they've lovin'ly caressed and been lent to those in need.

They've prayed for a miracle, been lifted in joy, held over my heart with pride, have gently guided strangers and occasionally shook in anger.

Yep, they are worn and calloused but still strong.

I've got one hand in my pocket... and the other one is wavin' an American flag.
:> )


Laura said...

They are Great hand ! Nothing can beat a good pair of loving hands ,wave them with pride !!

Thanks for the visit,by the way it wasn't Erron ,but! he did have a great idea for a greeting card LOL !! :>}

Karen said...

Nothing wrong with those hands....I'd rather see them than one's that have been pampered and never done a days work!

I have hands like that as well and proud of them!


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