Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Sick Puppy...

Well, I knew it was just a matter of time before our Hannah ate somethin' she shouldn't have. Yesterday was that day.

It started out fine. She wolfed down her breakfast like she always does then laid in her dog bed next to the wood stove, her usual routine.

A few hours later, I heard the dreaded "I'm gonna yak sound" comin' from her general direction.

Why is it when dogs are goin' to lose their cookies they start to wander? Heck, I want to curl up into a ball and die when I have to. Nope, not Hannah. She was swayin' around the house like a furry John Wayne.

Sure enough, she let it fly and fly it did. Like a projectile.
Ya know, I can pick up dog poo without battin' an eyelash. But there is somethin' about dog barf I just can't handle.

As I'm tryin' to put on rubber gloves, a gas mask, my HazMat suit and grab paper towels; she takes off like a bat out of h*ll, makin' "that sound" again.

She bee-lined right for the only room in the house with carpetin' and lets loose. I couldn't get there fast enough. (I swear, she did it on purpose.)

As I'm cleanin' up all her mounds, I notice she's still lookin' green. Here we go again... Where is it all comin' from? Does she have a hollow leg?

This went on all day. Finally, the last pile revealed what she ate. I was not about to look so hubs dug through it like he was diggin' through a Cracker Jack box for a really bad prize. It turns out it was a piece of tree bark. She must of plucked it off some firewood and had it for dessert when I wasn't lookin'.

Thankfully today, she's back in the pink and lookin' like her porky lil' old self.
But the next time she gets sick, I'm puttin' a cowboy hat and pair of chaps on her.
"Whoa, take ’er easy there pilgrim."
:> )


Diana said...

AWWW...LOL..I can't pick up the dog poo, but the yak I can handle okay,for the most part, it's people yak, not so much LOL...don't ya love it when they wander while doing it LOL too funny...glad pup is back to normal now :)

Phillane E'lee said...

Peanut Oh my what a story you tell.LOL I felt every bit of it and agree totally. I stear the dog to the rug at the front door which can be picked up and she or he go to the carpet in front of the couch so you smell it all day even with the cleaners. yack. I hate anything that spills from the face. Can handle the biggest of pooh messes but the face- yick.
My dogs eat the bark off the wood we bring in, goof balls.
Hey there missy, I am such a John Wayne fan that I named my dog Pilgrim. LOL
Have a good one girl.

Brenda said...

Man,I feel for you... (not so much for the bad doggie; she got what she deserved for eating that crap, you do feed her? LOL!) and here I was thinking Pepper was the only one that searched out the darn carpet when she wanted to hurl....ugh! I'm with you, give me poop and I'm happy! LOL!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Well, Peanut.. this definitely isn't breakfast reading material... LOL...

Excuse me for a bit...........



Julie said...

OMGosh! I can totally relate to dog messes & cats aren't much better. My house is about 50/50 carpet, but 90% of the urping, hairballs, poo & pee ends up there some how. Really? Why is that. It seems statisticly impossible! I love your stories. Keep up the great blogging.

Tina said...

Oh what a tale you can tell. You funny gal.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

You are always an encourager.


bayrayschild said...

Awwwwwww Peanut,
I am glad your Hannah is o.k.
Reminded me of the time my daughter's li'l French Bulldog was trying to turn himself inside out.
Turns out he'd eaten the bikini top belonging to one of my granddaughter's dolls.
We washed the bikini top but my granddaughter wouldn't have anything to do with it. Ha!
GROSS, were her words!


Merrie. said...

Sorry about the pup; mine are ALWAYS eating sticks and bark; we have a woodburner too; they act like I CANT SEE THEM!! And it is sooooo stinky! Luckily we have all wood or tile flooring! I am the poo and yak and everything gross cleaner cuz I'm the mommy; well, that's what he said! I just had to pull thread out of the pooter of my youngest bully; luckily she ran around swinging it everywhere before she came in so most of the poop was already off the strin! Oh yeah; I love these mugs but somedays I wish someone else was the poop wrangler!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I know what you mean about puke..it has gotten easier, but when it is all warm..well that just doesn't sit well with me..especially in the early years of having pets..when they were just pets..now that they are my babys..I can pick up anything and it doesn't make me gag...now if I see someone puking on TV..now that is a whole other ball of wax...I might as well be sitting right there puking with them...and then my gag reflex is on over time and takes me a while till it is gone...are you the same way? glad to hear your little porker is back in the pink...I could totally see your hubs digging through it like you described...not a visual I want..but thank you for describing it in only a fashion that you do so well....:) you really are a goober...and I for one love goobers..:)

Julsie1231 said...

I feel for ya! That "stuff" ain't no fun to have to pick up warm or cold. I think I can guess why they like the carpet, it feels like grass to those little paws. If you put a little green shaggy rug in the spot you want them to yak - they might pick it. I had such a rug and that was the #1 spot for Pooch, my cat. It got washed so much, the backing came off and I had to get rid of it. Still looking for that just right replacment, but the black one works too.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, I know it is rough but, I have to tell you, I had a huge laugh, especially the furry John Wayne comment... yes, they love to toss it on the carpet? What gives... it sucks especially when you have light cream carpet... oh my.. been there.. I hope she is feeling better... Hugs and Loves, MO

Susan said...

Poor baby, give her a hug from me.

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