Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here Comes Trouble...

The smallest dollies in my collection are my "Trouble Dolls". I love the story behind them.

The Guatemalan Indians tell this old story. They teach that when you have troubles, share them with these dolls.

Before you go to sleep, you remove one from the box and tell it your trouble. One dollie for each problem.

While you're sleepin' the dollies will try to solve your troubles. Since there are only six dolls, you are allowed only six troubles a day.

I know so many folks who are in need of prayers these days. Sickness, job loss, financial problems and hardships are what many are facin' lately.
I continue to diligently pray for those in need.

Heck, talkin' to these dollies can't hurt either!
But six dollies won't cut it. More like a sh*tload of 'em would do.

(Hey, isn't that Dr. Phil on the left??)

Have faith folks! When things got you down... Remember to always look up. ↑
God Bless.

"Thank ya, thank ya very much."
:> )


Tina said...

I like those little dollies and the message behind them. cute.

Cookie said...

awww, my tennis buddy Chris brought me a set of these Worry Dolls in a teeny little balsam box from one of his family vacations, maybe to Hawaii ?? I think they are just precious and always wanted to make some for others. Did yours come with a poem?

I love them - and they are so much sweeter than a "dammit doll" ♥

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh, I used to have a worry pin... with dolls lined up on it just like that.

I love your post about the Pillsbury Dough Boy... gosh, I didn't know he passed ... :o) I knead to read that post every day... after listening to the news especially ... I see you found Glenn Beck.... isn't he great ! 5:00 on Fox news !

Hugs and Happiness...
Thanks for making my day !

Sherry's Cabin said...

Amen, Sister! We need to keep our eyes and our hearts fixed on Him. I hang my worries on the bedpost at night, and God shakes them out, dusts them off, works a little miracle and leaves hopes in their place!

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