Friday, July 10, 2009

Come With Us To The...

We had such a fun time today!! This small country fair is just a hoot-n-a-holler away. They're celebratin' their 170th year!

It was a picture perfect day!
Blue skies and lots of big puffy clouds!

I immediately ran to where all the critters were.
How I love to talk to them.

(I had a nice chat with this one)

But I think the heat made everyone a lil' groggy.

Except for him. He was out like a light.

Here's Ben and Jerry. (No relation to those ice cream fellers)
They are twin Olde English Babydolls. This breed of sheep are my favorite because...

They always have a smile on their lil' face.

There were big horses...

And wee horses.

I loved the antique farm display too.
Check out this cast iron baby bath tub.

You would never have to worry about throwin' the baby out with the bath water. Heck, ya couldn't lift it!

The beautiful quilt in the center won the blue ribbon.

But this one was my favorite. (Gee, I wonder why??)

The theme for this year's fair was "Focus On Fiber."
So I was thrilled to see a gal sellin' raw wool!

I bought a lil' of each and can't wait to try it out on a few dollie noggins.

She is workin' on a website. As soon as it's up and runnin', I'll have a link to her.

Now I'll need a few days to recuperate from all the fried dough I crammed into my trap. By the time we left, I was completely covered in powdered sugar and cinnamon.

That was definitely clog your arteries food.
But man, it was sooooo worth it!!
:> )


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Peanut !

Wonderful photos of the farm animals ! The fried dough sounds so delicious !.. Looks like loads of fun ! Our county fair is in about three weeks.

Have a happy weekend !

Susan said...

What great pictures. My hubby grew up around farm animals and he always high tails it to see them whenever he can. The cows are so pretty and those sheep are just too cute. Glad you had fun. Enjoy the weekend and start working with that wool!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad you had a good time at the fair..and yeah that fried dough is so the animals and love the little sheep too..have a great weekend recuperating..:)

Sherry's Cabin said...

Oh, I want to hug them all!!!! This is my kind of place. I hope you talked to all the critters for me, too. And, wow, the antiques are great!

Cookie said...


But I'm with you Goob... those babydoll sheep are the cats meow!

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