Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Am Older Than Dirt...

Where have the years gone?!

My dear friend from high school came into town this week so she and her family stopped over for a visit this afternoon. Its been 28 years since we graduated.

Man, how much fun we had in our glory days! We were like two peas in a pod. But a few years after high school she decided to move to Florida.

My very first trip on an airplane was to visit her. It was a white knuckle ride but I was determined to go see my best friend.

I was also determined to find Don Johnson while I was down there. They shot Miami Vice episodes near where she lived. I was in love with that stubbly, pastel wearin', cigarette smokin', sockless man.

Here we are in her apartment.
Now look real close at her birthday card I'm pointin' to and you'll see why we're smilin'.

Here's our "Crockett and Tubbs" impersonation.
(I could have carried a concealed weapon in my big 80's hair)

Then of course whenever she came back home to visit we had to get together and celebrate.

Gee... Can you tell who finished her Alabama Slammer first?

See what a half a bottle of Paul Mitchell's Freeze & Shine hair spray and a hour and a half worth of blowdryin' can produce? Everyone's electric bill tripled in the 1980's just because of our hair.
(I bet that statistic would frost Al Gore's cookies but good!)

Well over 20 years have passed and durin' that time she moved to Colorado, met a wonderful man and now has a beautiful family. She still looks terrific too! It was so great to see her!

Ya know, I never did get to see Don Johnson the whole time I was down in Florida. Come to find out, he was doin' somethin' here in New York State.
(Doesn't that just sh*t the bed?)
:> )


Susan said...

I'm just loving these old pictures of you. You must have always been a hoot. Love the Superman shirt (I tried not to look at the card). So glad you and your girlfriend still stay in touch. That's pretty dang cool. Take care, Susan.

bayrayschild said...

How fun!
You are such a funny girl.

Those were the days!


fiddlestixstudios said...

Peanut,your blog always,ALWAYS makes me smile!Thanks so much for being you,and sharing it with us!Your yard is gorgeous!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh the 80's big hair do...I had it too...the bigger the better I always say..and you certainly had it going in sista..what is the card of, since I can't make the photos larger..(why is that) it a naked man...:)yeah I loved Don Johnson more then you did I kidding..but I did think he was dreamy. along with dukes of hazzard, chips, starsky and hutch..need I say more...I think we graduated about the same time..81!!!I hate even saying it..have been in contact with some friends from Classmates recently that I haven't spoken too in 28 is wild I tell you..a true blast from the past...have a wonderful always make me laugh..I know I tell you that every time..but it is true..and I love your photos on your side bar...i want some of those as well..;)

Ali said...

Awwww...I STILL love big hair!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I miss big hair.
What a cutie pie.
so glad that you got to visit! And you're still a looker!

Cookie said...

like i could even make out that card? hahaha... you'll have to email a pic so i can focus better! lol

what a blast hooking up with gf's from the past - thanks for sharing buddy (and can't wait to hear about the tea party!!!)

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