Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She's My Kind Of Girl...

I knew when I saw Stacey of Tattered 'N Torn Prims angel on The Humble Arts, she had to come live in the Central New York countryside with me!

Isn't she adorable?! And man does she smell absolutely wonderful!!

She is now helpin' me in the kitchen. Her duties include grindin' the Dunkin Donuts coffee beans and guardin' the 20lb. bag of dogfood from Hannah.

When Paul our mailman delivered the box yesterday, I tore into it like a monkey on a cupcake.

As I opened it, I screamed in excitement when I laid my peepers on this wonderful and unexpected gift!

You have no idea how touched I was by her generosity! The first thing I thought was "I have the perfect spot for this Awesome Abe mixed media piece!"

On my Americana flag wall of course!

Stace, I can't thank you enough! Not only are you a talented primitive folk artist; you are a dear friend and always keep me in stitches! (Pardon the pun)

Thank you again!
:> )


tattered 'n torn prims said...

You are too kind dear friend!!! I'm glad you like her, and I knew the Abe pix would be right at home in your heart!!! :O)

Thanks again!!

Tina said...

Aaawwwww, Stacey touches everyone she meets with joy and fun and sweetness. Such great creations.

clothnclay said...

Oh, Peanut (and Stacey), she IS adorable! And she looks like she could be full of mischief....hmm, perfect fit! Bec

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I want to see more of that flag wall...heck why not just show me your entire house again...I love your home and want to see it all..including the bathrooms..come on give it up..you always make your dolls smell good..what is your secret...I always wonder that so I can make mine smell just as yummy..so if you don't mind giving up your ancient chinese secret..I would love to know..have wonderful day with your kitchen angel..;)

twinklescrapbooks said...

I like her wings! Oh my stars! I really want an American flag wall like yours. I have the crackle paint,too. :)

Phillane E'lee said...

That is soo cute. Give her a hug for me will ya?
Have a great week Peanut!

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