Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone...

Man, I can remember bein' a kid and thinkin' about how ancient I would be when the year 2000 rolled around. Well, here I am 10 years after the fact and I don't need a walker and still have all my teeth.

I'm in the process of a major room overhaul. Turnin' a spare bedroom packed to the brim with stuff and makin' it into a library/computer room for my hubs. Seein' I took over the whole house, that's the least I can do for him.

As I'm goin' through boxes and boxes, I came across many filled with toys from my childhood. I can't thank my mama enough for hangin' onto them.
My sister was the tomboy and I was the girly-girl, so mama had fun buyin' dolls for me. Since she grew up dirt poor, I think she made up for her not so great childhood she had.

Every box I opened brought me right back to another time and place. It even smelled the same.

I have too many to show but thought I would share some of my favorites.

I collected teddy bears. I love this one. He's called The No-Frills Bear. His plain brown wrapper bag reads "Lost in a designer world." (I know how he feels.)

This is Misha, the mascot for the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow which the U.S.A. boycotted.

Here are my Barbie and Ken doll cases. Sadly, Ken and Barbie are MIA. Not sure what happened to them. I do remember my sister always chewed their toes off. So maybe she gnawed them into oblivion.

Here are two beauties my uncle brought back after fightin' over in the Vietnam War.

This lil' cutie still danced for me when I pulled her string. Daddy took 8mm film of me playin' with her on Christmas mornin'. Back then she seemed larger than life, now she's just a lil' bit of a thing with really bad pillow-head.

I always loved quirky, odd no name dollies. Especially this lil' redhead.

Unfortunately, my over 45 year old body now has this same profile.

Remember the Loudmouth 8 Track Player??

Even though I had a lot of Barbie stuff, my heart belonged to the earthy Sunshine Family. They were awesome!

Inne cute???

Finally, my Lite Brite was my all time favorite! I couldn't believe when I plugged it in, the lightbulb in it worked!!

Man, how I LOVED playin' with this thing!

Still do...

:> )


kat449 said...

WOW Peanut....Seeing your Barbie cases brought tears to my eyes. My Barbie, Ken, Skipper & yes Midge too!!! LOL kept me in a world of fantasy when I really needed people in my life...even if they were plastic! They were kind, and fun...Thanks for the memories...& I was a wonderin if you might try an interrogation light with Hannah for that missing couple! LOL love ya Girl.

Sheila said...

Oh I loved seeing your childhood treasures! I'm a few years older but man the Barbie and Ken cases really hit me. I gave mine up just before I got married thinking I'll never need these things again!!! Dumb, dumb, dumb! Been kickin myself ever since. Have all of my daughters though-and she only has boys! Live and learn! Nice trip down memory lane for you I'm sure and me too!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love all your toys and I do remember the sunshine family..and the light brite...they are all still in great took great care of your dollys..I loved mine too.:)

debzdogz said...

Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

OMG, you have a Lite Brite! LOL! What a fun time you're having with this refurb!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! I love it that you still have your toys darlin'!!! That is too awesome!!! I loved my Mrs Beasley doll, she had little glasses and a lovely polka dot frock...she was an old lady..Isn't that the funniest? Most kids loved baby dolls, I loved my Mrs Beasley doll!!! Good to see ya Nut!! Hugs, Mo

Tina said...

Now that was just cool. Thanks for the toy tour.
btw I have that same profile as that lil dollie and hoping to change that this year.

Jen said...

Wow - I had the no-frills bear, and Misha, and the Sunshine Family, and of course the Lite Brite! The Sunshine Family was one of my absolute favorites. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

Phillane E'lee said...

OMG you took me back. I had everyone of those toys except for the bears. Didn't have those as I ate them. I was a chewer so stuffies were banned from me as a young sprite.
Oh the sunshine family. How I loved them and the barbies. I was the tomboy too but loved my dolls when the weather was bad anyhoo.
Where is Mrs. Beasly? Did you have her? I loved her most of all.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Carol Roll said...

OMG I had one of those Light Brights got it for Christmas when I was wee one. Loved it too!!!!
Peanut you always have such fun stuff on your blog. Where are the dogs?

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