Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You May Not Believe This...

But I am one of very few people on the planet who doesn't own a cell phone or for that matter, want one. (I heard you gasp)
You see, I'm not into all that newfangled technology. Give me a landline with a rotary phone and I'm a happy camper.

I see men, women and children walkin' around like zombies starin' at these contraptions as their life passes them by. I don't get it.
I have seen young folks literally standin' right next to each other, textin' to each other and not utter a word. Again, I don't get it.

I might consider buyin' a cell phone like this...

I wonder if it comes in Harvest Gold??

:> )


Susan said...

Oh my, I'm the same way. We have a big clunky pay-as-you-go cell phone and we probably don't use it more than once a week. I actually wish it did have a rotary dial on it. I have to pull off in a parking lot to use mine and it doesn't have any bells and whistles. Technically challenged to be sure. I want mine to be that lovely shade of avocado that we all had back then.

Sheila said...

Not a thing wrong with not having a cell phone! I have a prepay cell phone, used for emergencies and only a hand full of people have the # and you don't see me walking around like you described in this post as I can't stand it! Having one can be very helpful at times but as with most good things in this society it is sadly abused!

PS-I did not gasp as I'm sure others must have! ;-0

Tina said...

Although I do like my Blackberry, if I don't keep myself in check, I sure could zombie out like the people you described.

I like the pic of the cell phone you'd consider. I got a giggle.

Have a wonderful day

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

I am one of those unfortunate people! I hate my mommy leash! My children know I don't look at it unless I'm not home, but they still text it then get upset when I don't answer! You would think by now I'd have them trained better!

bayrayschild said...

You're not as alone as you think Peanut...I don't own one either!


Jessica [] said...

I don't have one either, we can't afford them. Hubby's work provides him with one, but he has to have one in his line of work. They pay for it so we rarely use it for personal use.

I have the same gripes about them that you do. I also don't like those ones where people use an earpiece, ya can't tell if they are talking to you or a phone call. I think they are fine for using in the car for safety reasons though. Better to have two hands on the wheel!

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