Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Tis The Season, I Guess...

Deer huntin' season began today. I knew this because when I stepped outside this mornin', it sounded like I was in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. As I was about to dive behind the tree, it dawned on me why there was all the gunfire.

Before you get your wears in a wad over this post; I must say as much as I love nature, I have no problem with huntin' as long as you're goin' to eat the deer meat. Heck, I wish I knew how to hunt because there could come a day when I may have to. Have you seen the prices in the grocery store lately?!

But what I'm not too crazy about is that whole testosterone fueled "trophy" mentality. I never quite understood why someone would want a dead animal's head hangin' in their den and use the antlers as a hat rack.

Now, if you were huntin' the critter with your bare hands, or the critter was dressed in camo and armed with a semi automatic? Then yes, by all means hang that sucker on your wall with pride! You deserve the braggin' rights! But sneakin' up and shootin' a defenseless animal while it's mindin' its own business grazin'? Well, that doesn't seem too fair to me.

That would be like every time I catch a mouse in a mousetrap, I mount their wee little noggins on a piece of pine and hang it over the fireplace mantle. Braggin' about how I waited for hours to nab those lil' b*stards! Or I mount one standin' up on his tiny hind legs on a slice of swiss cheese, makin' a scary gesture with his itty bitty front paws. GRRRR!!!

So now, it looks like my walks in the woods will have to be put on hold until after Dec 12th. I don't want to wind up with my noggin hangin' over someone's fireplace mantle. Yikes!!

Remember to enjoy nature... And wear Blaze Orange if it's huntin' season in your parts.
:> )


Connie said...

I so enjoy your blog and humor. I agree with you about the hunting. It was necessary for our forefathers and sometimes it is necessary for some families.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with that fantastic turkey you made for your table. Your work is awesome.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

yeah the prices are getting higher here and it looks like hyperinflation is going to go into effect come january..who I suggest getting your food storage supply in order least get it started while you can still afford the prices..have a great weekend and stay low.;)

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