Monday, January 31, 2011

Tonight On TDIPT Mercantile...

To heck with Groundhog Day and Valentines Day. When I think of February, I think of my favorite president George Washington's birthday.

So in honor of him and another one of my favorite Founding Fathers, I created two of my Americana Firewood Folks© for 2011.

They will be available on TDIPT Mercantile tonight! So be sure to stop by.

As far as those other two holidays go... I'll bet ya dollars to doughnuts that groundhog is goin' to see his shadow so six more weeks of winter for us. Then tack on a 5 lb. heart shaped box of chocolates to add to the weight I gained over the holidays??!!! I may as well crawl back in the hole with that furry lil' buck-toothed varmint and sleep until spring!

See you tonight.
:> )

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