Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still Looking For Noah...

Man, we are waterlogged here in Central New York!

These hurricane and tropical storms have dumped unbelievable amounts of rain on us. Heck, we live on a hill but we still had water in our basement. Our county is now in a state of emergency. Some folks had 5' of water in their basement.
Wish there was a way I could pipe it to everyone in Texas!

It was so bad last night, I saw Steve the Chipmunk in a scuba wetsuit and flippers.

But this morning I was so happy Bob the Woodchuck (who lives under our old brooder house) make a brief and soggy appearance.

You can't tell from this angle, but he's wearing nose plugs. He plans on practicing his cannonball dives.
He mentioned something about being on the Marmot Olympics dive team...


Steve was finally able to put away the scuba wetsuit and flippers. But is now being considered for a role in the new "Sea Hunt" movie. He would replace Lloyd Bridges in the role of Mike Nelson, the ex-navy frogman.
Ummm... make that ex-navy "frogmunk."


I heard about it on TMZ.

Enjoy nature.
But bring an umbrella and your own ark.

:> )

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