Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Does Anyone Else Have A Love/Hate Relationship With...

Curtains?! Man, I would have nothing on all the windows in this old farmhouse if it wasn't for my husband.

It's the whole privacy issue for him. Which I understand. Lord knows the last thing I want to do is traumatize someone who happened to see me with no makeup on as they drove by.
;> )

I've been struggling with what kind of curtains to have (if any) in my newly painted kitchen. It doesn't help the windows are extremely rectangular. They also look like there are two set of windows side by side. BUT I can only mount a rod across the whole length. Ugh.

Then it dawned on me... Why not have old shutters instead!


Or I could make my own panel shutters if I put my mind to it. Heck, how hard can that be??




I still can't tell you about something I'm waiting on. I have to keep my trap shut until the middle of March. But I'll keep you posted.
:> )


Gwen, The Vintage Seamstress said...

I feel the same way except I live in the city and the houses are very close together. Not sure neighbors would like to see me with my hair sticking straight up in the morning and to be honest I have a hate relationship with my bra... lol Also in the city there is more chance of a window peeper or a serial killer. I know that sounds dramatic but I read once that a serial killer was being intervied and was asked what caused him to kill a particular woman. His answer was that he could see her sewing on her couch and he just knew that she knew he could see her so she was inviting him in or thats what he thought in his mind... (I know creepy..) But I have thought of making shutters too, I don't think it would be hard. You have wonderful ideas and photos.

Robin said...

I LOVE the idea of old shutters or the panel shutters with just a simple gauzy(is this a word ?) valance ! You've been doing some really awesome renovations...I'm sure whatever you do will be terrific !! I love your home !!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Gwen, you can never be too careful. Especially in this day and age. Thankfully living out in the country I can sit and sew with a shotgun next to me if need be. ;> ) Truthfully, even if I lived out in the woods with hundreds of acres around me, I would most likely still have window coverings. :> )
Robin, that's what I was thinking too! Something very simple. That would look great with shutters on the lower half. ♥

Ali said...

I prefer blinds to curtains and even if I was fortunate enough not to have other people nearby, I'd still want window coverings of some sort.

Everyone gets days where you just want to shut the outside world out. By the way, those red heart shutters are gorgeous!

Cookie said...

Goob... I always love seeing what you are up to next in your house! Love the shutter idea - dont know how it is in your neck of the woods, but around here, you will pay and arm and leg for old shutters. I love them tho and they would be perfect in your home. BTW, I just had to tell you that I adore both Gwendolyn (she is adorable and yeah, she makes me smile alot!) and they dont come much cuter than Gridley the goat!! I'm wondering if Jenners has seen that sweet boy yet? He's a keeper.

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