Monday, February 6, 2012


Congratulations to my home team!!


I must admit this was the best way I've ever seen a touch down made...


I tried that bacon recipe I posted below. It was okay. Heck, for how bad it was for me, I would have preferred more flavor.(I'm glad I only made six slices) But I did like the texture. So if I ever make it again I will add more brown sugar and pepper. That way I'll be able to hear my arteries harden with every bite.

:> )


Ellie's Country Accents said...

My home team, too! Gotta love the win.

Carol Roll said...

Go NY Giants! Dan and i were on opposite sides of the couch! what a great match.

Kat said...

EHAWWWW! Im back & even found out the problem as to why I couldnt post a comment But Im back to blogging as well. I made the dang bacon as soon as I saw the recipie, Ohh MANNNNNN I did a full pound & used less flour & the same brown sugar. I had 4 slices, my hubs? Im not even gonna say how much was left...not much! I have MISSED you wildly. Love you Girly Q. :)

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