Monday, March 26, 2012

It's as simple as boiling an egg...


I never quite understood that because there really is an art to making a good hard boiled egg.

My mama is an excellent cook. But when I was young her hard boiled eggs she made for Easter were horrible. If you ever tell her I typed that, I will vehemently deny it. If she found out, she'd go all honey badger on me. **giggle**

I remember eating the white, rubbery part then handing her the greenish yellow Wham-O Super Ball-like yolk in the center. I did throw it at the wall once, hoping to see it bounce and ricochet around the room. But it never happened.

Then there were the cracked shell ones. These had the color from the Easter egg dye ooze in and cause a tie-dyed effect. But I was never into that look especially when it came to my food. It grossed me out. Actually, it still does.

So with Easter only 13 days away, here are a few tricks to making perfect hard boiled eggs.

1. Don't use fresh eggs. Unless you want to spend forty five minutes trying to peel one, only to end up with a lil', distorted nub of an egg.

2. Eggs should be room temperature. This keeps the shells from cracking. Unless you're looking for that groovy tie-dyed look I mentioned above.

3. Make sure the water in the pot covers the eggs completely.

4. Bring eggs to a rolling boil, then remove from heat and cover with lid.

5. Let stand for 15 minutes.
6. Then rinse with cold water. I let them sit in the cold water until they cool completely.

There you have it! Perfect hard boiled eggs every time.
If you have any other tricks you'd like to share, please do.

:> )


Susan said...

I put mine in the pot, put some water in and boil them full blast for 10 minutes, drain boiling water down the sink, melting what ever plastic has made it's way in and then fill the same pot with cold water. Basically the same thing. BUT, what I really love is hot, soft boiled eggs. Same procedure, but I only boil them 5 minutes. I snag the egg out of the water with that spaghetti spatula thing, the one with the claws on it, then whilst holding the yegg in a terry cloth kitchen towel, I tap, tap, tap with a spoon, remove it's little cap and slide the teaspoon around inside the shell and plop a yummy runny yolked egg right onto a plate, grab the salt and toast and nomm, nomm.

I'm sorry...what was the question?

(BTW, dyed eggs are best eaten with grubby hands. Hands so dirty that your Mama says you're gonna get worms if you don't warsh them. Oh, and the greenish yellow balls inside make good missiles to launch at your little brother when his back is turned.)Oncet agin, I digress. Hugs.

jennifer768 said...

I promise not to tell your momma about her eggs.LOL! Thanks for the tips.Hugs,Jen

tj said...

...OMG, lol, lol..."handing her the greenish yellow Wham-O-Super-Ball-like yolk..." - Oh dear I lost it on that one! lol...Too funny Karin! lol :oD

...You know, that is exactly how I do it too. Just like you I leave 'em sit and cool in the water and you're right - perfect every time! :o)

...Funny how the easiest things can get messed up at times. It's kinda like cooking corn on the cob, every one has their own method and swears by it but some can really mess it up.

...Love the egg cup you have pictured there - sweet. :o)

...Enjoy your week girl!

...Blessings :o)

Carol Roll said...

Peanut, so true, getting the perfect egg is not as easy task.

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