Sunday, April 1, 2012

Keep Family Traditions Alive...

As a child I looked forward to Easter. Sure the Easter basket filled with candy was awesome! But I really looked forward to the pretty corsage my daddy got for my mama, my sister and I to wear for Easter Sunday mass. Mine would have a pretty flower with ribbon and one of those wee fuzzy chicks.


I never went to church without my little white, patent leather purse. In it I carried my gloves, my tiny Bible and Rosary Beads.
On Easter Sunday, I also tucked in a few jelly beans but mama didn't know about that.
;> )


Coming from a strong Polish upbringing a special treat on Easter Sunday was the Baranek Wielkanocny or Butter Lamb. Along with a big Polish feast, the lil' guy was always on the table.

There are so many ways a butter lamb is made. Here are just a few examples.




Want to make your own Butter Lamb?


Click here to go directly to A Taste of Home link for directions.

You don't have to be Polish to make one.
But I'll guarantee you'll dance the polka when you're done. ((giggle))

:> )


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I miss being a little girl at easter and the new dress my mom would make and the white or black shoes we would also get..looking for our baskets and decorating eggs..we are having our missionaries over for dinner and I purchased alot of candy to give to them.;) have a great week ahead:)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...


Ali said...

Oh gosh. I remember being dressed to the nines for Easter as a little girl. It doesn't seem to be done any more though, does it.

We're having ham for Easter. My late mother always did ham for that and New Year's Day, so I do it too. I never hear any complaints. Har!

Ali x

Laura said...

I remember the lamb too Karin ! it was always on the table next to the babka

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