Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When you live in the 21st century...

you really have to be creative when living in a house built in the 19th century.


For example no closet space. Back in the 19th century, homes were taxed by how many rooms you had and a closet was considered a room. Folks had armories instead. So I can understand why some homes had only a closet or two.
Another example is a small bathroom. Which if you think about it, it makes sense. How big of a room do you need to "do your business" in? Unless you plan on doing a gymnastic floor routine before landing on the crapper.

Our upstairs full bath needs a lot of work. Since we moved in, I've avoided it like the plague. Although a few unmatched updates were done (I'm guessing) back in the 80's which included carpeting. I know most cringe at the thought of carpeting in a bathroom. I did too until I took a shower in the dead of winter in this drafty old farmhouse. Trust me, I am grateful for the previous owner's wise decision.

Since I went on a "simplify and lighten everything up" kick the first of the year, I decided to paint the paneling (yes, it's partially paneled) white, painting the lower part a forest green. Most of you know besides a passion for American history, I have a passion for nature. So I went with a nature theme. Pine cones and birdhouses. With a little bit of whimsical, old "fashionedness" to boot.


(I made up that word)


What I love about this bathroom is the low placement of the window. Gives the room such character. But when the guy came to give us an estimate on the replacement windows, I wasn't too thrilled to hear it would cost more to replace that particular window because of safety codes. As far as I knew, I had no plans on pushing my hubs out that second story window. BUT after hearing the replacement cost, I was almost tempted to give the window guy a little accidental shove. "Oopsy!"

I also love the old light fixtures and mirror in here. Man, they don't make 'em like that anymore.


I guess if you have unlimited finances, you can turn any old home into whatever you want it to be. But in my opinion, contemporary renovations can sometimes takes away the charm of an old home.

Who cares if I don't have enough electrical outlets, or a fancy spa bathtub or heated towel rack? I suppose it could be worse... I could have to "go" in an outhouse and "use" an old Sears Roebuck catalog.
So I won't complain.


Yes, I love my simple bathroom.

:> )


Robin said...

You are so funny !! I like the gymnastic routine comment...I can just see Mary Loo ( spelled that way on purpose....lol ) Retton, doing a few back over under blah blah blah flips to get her spot on the john....lol
I LOVE your home and all your touches !! It's wonderful !!

bayrayschild said...

Ooooo how I love your bath room!
It is beautiful! You really do have a decorators touch, oh talented one!


tj said...

...Well girl, I love your bathroom too! That is gorgeous! And I love that window too. I love the quirkiness of old homes. I know I'll never forget a local historian's words regarding old homes, he said, "an old home is the ultimate custom home". And it's so true. :o)

..."Unless you plan on doing a gymnastic floor routine before landing on the crapper." - LOL! I gotta visual! hee,hee,hee Thank you for the laughs! :oD

...Thank you for the lovely tour Karin - your home is beautiful just like you my friend.

...Enjoy your evening!


Tina said...

Well, I love it too! perfect!

Ali said...

Big bathrooms are for people who actually enjoy cleaning one!

Ali x

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