Saturday, June 2, 2012



My candlestick phone arrived yesterday!! YaY!!

Man, I tore into that box like a monkey on a cupcake. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this Crosley telephone. It's very well made. It has some weight to it too. I'd say a good 3 lbs.
After I hooked it up, I impatiently waited for someone to call so I could test it out. Sure I could have called someone and told them to call me back. But that would have taken the fun out of it. So I waited... and waited. Finally! ***Ring***Ring****

It even has the old fashioned ring to it. I ran over and answered, "Hello."

It was Steve the Chipmunk.

Nah. It was really my husband. I'm just making sure you're paying attention. **giggle**
Happy Saturday!!!
:> )


Susan said...

Very nice. BTW, are those jugs under the gossip bench there to extend the time you talk? Don't have to leave for hours. My granny would have loved that. She would gossip on the phone until she finally had to run. Inquiring minds...and all that.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Peachy, you crack me up. Not only is that chair pad for comfort, it covers the hole. **giggle**
Actually, the "throne" is right around the corner and the cord is long enough. ;> )

tj said...

...That phone looks right at home there! It's perfect! :o)

...I've always loved the look of those old time phones and I like that they've made a come back.

...Love the bench it's sitting on too Karin.

...Enjoy your weekend!

..."Hi Steve!" *waving* :o)


Cindi said...

What a neat phone! How special that area looks! Enjoy!
Be blessed!

Ali said...

Very nice! Me, I'm after the 60's version of the combo you have.


Laura said...

loving it ! :0)

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