Monday, June 4, 2012

A woman's work is never done...

I've always wanted a laundry room. I guess I thought it would make doing laundry more enjoyable.
Doesn't this room make you want to do 14 loads of whites?

These doors are a great idea.

You know how I love beadboard.

This room is a little too contemporary for me but oooooh, those pretty sparkly reds remind me of Dorothy's scoots. Maybe if I click my heels and say, "There's no place like home
with a new red washer and dryer. There's no place like home with a new red washer and dryer." They will appear.



This one is so pretty.

Instead of a laundry room I have a laundry cubbyhole with my washer and dryer tucked behind doors.
Truth be told, I am extremely grateful my laundry is on the first floor and not in the basement. Have you ever been down in the basement of a home built in the 1800's?? **shudder**
I was expecting to find the Crypt Keeper sitting there when we first looked at the place.


Not only does he keep me company when I'm ironing,
he also give me a heads up when I'm low on Gain.

:> )


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I love all the rooms that you showed and I LOVE your laundry room and your cute little helper.;)

Susan said...

I thought I was the only one that loves laundry rooms. I always wanted one of those ironing boards that dropped down from inside the wall. Hubs redid my laundry room several years ago and I love it. Gives me the perfect excuse to stay in the basement where my hobbies are. I can make three loads of laundry last all day. I'm in the market for a new washer myself, but dislike the front loaders. Mine never dries out and stays mildew-y. But back to the point, I love those red appliances. I'll bet if I asked real pretty like, I might can get them. I have beanie babies that help me wash and they would love a new red washer and dryer.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I love laundry rooms too. ♥ That black cabinet on the wall is a vintage drop down ironing board. I LOVE it! I wouldn't go back to a regular ol' ironing board.
That red washer and dryer are the cat's meow!! Not sure if I'd want a front load washing machine though. Can you imagine if it leaked? Yikes!
But they sure are cool looking.

tj said...

...Ooo, I love your lil' laundry cubby hole, as you called it - too cute! And I love your drop down ironing board cabinet, I am so wanting one of those.

...I love all of the laundry rooms that you've shown us but my personal fav's are the last two, yours and the one above it. :o)

...Enjoy your day!

...Blessings :o)

Carol Roll said...

Love the first laundry room especially and as always your make me giggle!

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