Thursday, August 16, 2012

Since I'm not the owner of the winning 337 million dollar Powerball ticket...

I'm going to be scarce for the next two, three days.






Wish me luck!

:> )


Susan said...

Remind hubby to keep moving. It would be just like you to place a price sticker on his back for fun. Good luck and try to let go of some stuff. I envision you grabbing something and refusing to sell it. She's our Goob, gotta love her!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Wishing ya luck!!!!
But I think you'll be gone longer than 2 - 3 days to make up for that powerball jackpot!!!
Have a great weekend!
Prim Blessings

tj said... the 4th one! Literally made me laugh out loud! :oD

...Enjoy your weekend & best of luck! :o)


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

The Neti pot one cracked me up too!

Whew!! Got up before the birds and opened up early. Some folks stopped, passing through on their way to the Madison/Bouckville Antique Show. Unfortunately, it started raining around 1pm. But tomorrow is the BIG day so it should be wild.

Met some nice people today. Quite a few from our northern neighbors in Canada. ♥ Also some up from the city (NYC) and New Jersey. Their accents give them away every time!! :> )

Sold stuff! Woo-hoo!! Not enough to equal the Powerball though. Dang it! Heck, I'll be dead by then. ;> )

Peachy, you'd be proud of me. I didn't yank anything out of anyone's arms. ((giggle)) Only have mild regrets on selling a few things. But I know someone will enjoy and love them as much as I have. What's even more odd, my hubs brought some stuff back in the house he didn't want me to sell! He's an old softy. ♥ I was tempted to put a 25 cents sticker on his forehead but decided I'd better keep him around. Maybe next year. hee-hee!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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