Friday, October 5, 2012

"I cannot endure to waste anything...

as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air."
~Nathaniel Hawthorne


Have a great weekend and get your keister outside and enjoy nature.

:> )


tj said...

...Gorgeous photo Karin! :o)

...Hope all is well - my thoughts are with you today.


Primitive Stars said...

Hello Karin, thinking of you and yours, healing is slow. Here in Canada it is our Thanksgiving long weekend so we will be celebrating family time, but not outdoors, we are having a cold front move through with wind,rain and snow, brrrr. bear Hugs Francine.

Susan said...

I love the photo, and appreciate the sentiment...but it's rainy here and seriously...who really wants a damp keister? Hugs.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, TJ. ♥

Oooh! I forgot it's was Thanksgiving in Canada, Francine! I hope you had a terrific day!

Peachy, it rained all weekend here too. Phooey.

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