Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lost and confused...

As my hubs and I mourn the loss of Darla, the one who's struggling most is our Gracie.

Her big sister is gone and she doesn't know where she is. She's wandering and sniffing aimlessly around the house, jumping at every sound and staring at the door... waiting. When she does finally lay down, she just looks off in a distance. Such sadness in her little face.


It breaks my heart knowing she doesn't understand what has happened. She just knows she's alone and has lost her place in the "pack".

Sunday I went to the pet store to buy her some new toys. She will play for a few minutes then she loses interest.

We've tried taking her for a drive but we never got her acclimated to car travel (Darla always got car sick), so it's not a pleasant experience for any of us.

We have found one thing that gets her mind off everything and that is taking her down on the trail. But I'm very hesitant. Worried about coy-dogs, foxes and hawks. But it's a new experience for her and we actually see excitement in her when we ask "Do you want to go for walk?"

Look real close, you'll see her lil' self on the heels of my hubs as they jog.


Since the day my hubs brought her home, she's always been his dog. They have that special bond Darla and I had. I can only hope Gracie will share that bond with me too.



Laura said...

So sorry Karin ,I haven't been on so I just found out. Erron didn't say anything at work . My thoughts and prayers are with you two ,so hard to loose our little ones .

Penny said...

After losing our dog to cancer a year and a half ago, we just now rescued another.... Our little shih-tzu was left alone after being 1 of 3 dogs in the house, and we could tell she was lonely. So we know the pain you are feeling.... from losing a precious friend to watching the sadness in the little one left behind.... It is all so hard, and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there, Karin, as you know it will get easier with time. But for now, I wish for you and your hubby some comfort from the pain you are feeling.

Ali said...

Perhaps down the road you might get another dog? Another dog doesn't replace the loss of a beloved companion, but you guys have such a warm, loving home, I know it would be appreciated by a four legged friend.

Ali x

Cookie said...

I think you should get another dog right away. speaking from experience, we waited years to replace the void in our lives left after Strider and Rocky. The minute Nip and Tuck came into our home and heart, we realized what we had been missing. I know right now you are grieving so much - and I do get that. But when the time is right, you will know it Goob. thinking of you all and continuing praying for the sadness to lessen little by little. Love you!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Karin, oh so sad for Gracie, she does not understand like we do, poor little girl.Maybe like the others said, a new friend might ease hers and yours pain, always a dog out there that needs love, a warm home and a friend. My thoughts are with you,Hugs Francine.

tj said...

...I believe lil' Miss Gracie is already sharing that bond with you. Really, look at her looking at you taking that picture. That's love. :o)

...I love the photo of her running on the heels of your husband. It looks as if she's sayin', "Yo Dad, wait up!" lol... ;o)

...Gracie is missing Darla as much as you are. You may think she is your husband's dog but a part of her heart is yours too and she will need you and you will need her during this time. I know when I lost Forest, our German Shepherd "Hanna" (who was more my husband's dog), would come up when I was grieving and lay her head on my lap. I would hug her as I cried and she would stay with me as long as I needed. It was the sweetest thing she could've done for me at that time.

...Sending warm wishes and comfort your way.


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Gracie will come around ~ she just needs time to adjust. Every time my husband leaves for a scuba diving trip our one dog won't eat for a couple of days and makes himself throw up. I'll be thinking about you.
Prim Blessings

Jo James said...

So sorry, Peanut :(
My sweet Tuzy died on Sunday. It's so hard. We can take comfort in the fact that they are in no pain, and we are all the better for having known them. I know how much you loved Darla. Hugs to you -Joee

Laura said...

Talked to Erron today about it,I agree with the gang ,you should go get a new furbaby to help with Gracie's and your sorrow .Thinking of you :0)

Carol Roll said...

Oh Peanut so heartbreaking. Gracie will be alright, dogs grieve too but she will adjust soon enough, just keep on giving her all the love and support you have been. She is so blessed to have you and Erron as a "pack"

~*~Birdy~*~ said...

Sending Hugs~*~ Birdy

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