Monday, November 12, 2012

Nursing home visits, beadboard and a possible rogue airbag??

That's what my weekend consisted of.

Mama is still not recovered from the back surgery. On top of that, the surgeon prescribed a bad drug combo when she was in the hospital and she had a terrifying reaction to the two. But I won't get into it. Maybe someday.

Then I find out there is a recall on my old Jeep Liberty. This recall is enough to keep anyone from getting into their old Liberty ever again, myself included. You see there's a "possibility" the airbags could deploy for no apparent reason. How lovely.

So as I travel the 30 minute drive at 60 mph to visit my mama, the airbag could *poof* deploy ??
No need to worry about other drivers texting or talking on their cell phone to involve you in a crash. Heck no. All you need to worry about is your airbag unexpectedly deploying making you swerve into oncoming traffic. Or veering of the road ending in a fiery crash. Again, lovely.
So until I get my little recall postcard, I'll have to white knuckle it and pray nothing happens. Maybe I could duct tape it down? Heck, duct tape works on anything!

Lastly, I've been slowly working on my kitchen beadboard backsplash. I have no idea what the heck I'm doing but I'm pretty happy with the way it's coming along.


I painted it "Havana Cream" by Behr. I had painted the wood ceiling that color and I wanted to keep the color flow.


The scroll saw and band saw are my new best friends. They cut through the beadboard like butter.



I'm still on the fence on how to attach the beadboard. Many use "Liquid Nails". But if I ever change my mind (and I tend to change my mind as often as I change my drawers), I may want to remove it. The "Liquid Nails" will destroy the sheetrock. What to do? What to do?
I guess I could just nail it on. But with this150 year old farmhouse, I'm convinced the studs are shaped like esses. **giggle**
I can never find one where I need one.

Oh and here's a great tip which many of you might already know.
If you do a paneling/beadboard project a great lil' doohickey is this. You use it to bring out your outlets and light switches so they're even with the beadboard.


So that's it for this Monday.
I wonder if my arms and legs are long enough to drive from the back seat?? Hmmm....
Where's Stretch Armstrong when you need him?

:> )


Gayle said...

Looks really good so far! One year ago we updated our kitchen cabinets by adding beadboard panel on the front of the doors and I have absolutely LOVED it!

tj said..., you're so funny! God bless ya! :o)

...Love the beadboard, that is a great touch to your already beautiful kitchen. I do believe there is NOTHING you cannot do! I mean seriously, what's next?! ;o)

...I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom Miss Karin. I know from taking care of my Mom years ago about dealing with doctors, sometimes they can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I'll be keeping your Mom in my thoughts and prayers.

...And you be careful with your Jeep, that sounds awful! Hopefully you'll get it in soon for repair before something happens. Gosh, just the thought of that happening...*shudders*winces*

...Hope this finds you having a lovely Monday!

...Blessings :o)

Tina said...

Nice job on that beadboard. It's looking great!

Susan said...

Goodness, Child...there is so much to be addressed in this post. Keeping it short, I will say that my brother had a Stretch Armstrong. I can just see you in the back, driving with long rubbery arms. Goodness, so much going on for you...hang on as best you can. xoxo

Carol Roll said...

Geeze hope your mom is doing better. Scarey and scarey about your airbag as your a lil bitty thing too so super dangerous.
Cant wait to see the completed pic of your kitchen!

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