Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 5...


That sums it up for me.

Stella is still dying to get at Gracie. Gracie still has the look of fear on her furry face like the victims in all those lame 70's horror movies.
Needless to say, she isn't coming around.

I thought about a baby gate. But with Stella's tiny, gnarly Preditor teeth; that would be a waste of money. She'd chew through it like a Twizzler.
So like Ahhhnold, I needed to bring out the big guns.

That I did. I now have 3 foot critter wire fencing in the doorways. It's chew proof and the gaps are tiny enough to where she can't shimmy through. So what if my home looks like a petty zoo. I'm trying to keep our once quiet and serene home from turning into an Animal Planet reality television show.

Well. I've got to go. Stella has awoke from her slumber.

I've gotten very proficient at typing with one hand as she chews on the other. Multi-tasking.


Happy Thursday!


Carol Roll said...

giggle poor Gracie but that lil imp is just so danged cute. I love your Day 5 heading hee hee!

Susan said...

Talk about something keeping you busy. Have fun in your indoor zoo. Me, I'm going to sit on my new couch and crochet and read all day. Love ya!

Peri said...

Poor Gracie! Have you tried holding her while your hubby holds Stella and letting them meet while each is being held? Of course it is very early days takes a while for older dogs to accept new ones. . .how about putting them each in a crate and sitting the crates side by side and then the two of you going out for a nice walk and ignoring the yelping and barking and whining? I send a hug to you and a promise that it WILL eventually be peaceful again.
However, like Susan, I am going to get a hot beverage and my knitting and relax now!

jennifer768 said...

Poor Gracie! LOL,and I thought I was having a rough time.Hugs,Jen

Tina said...

She sounds like quite the character and should fit in just fine. eventually :)

Primitive Stars said...

Oh poor little Gracie....what a face Stella has, so cute......I am sure they will get together and like each other in time...Take it easy Karin, Hugs Francine.

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