Sunday, January 13, 2013

I did it!! I got in!!!

Boy!!! I didn't realize how hard it was to hack into a computer with tiny puppy paws. Wish I had fingers.

Hi! I'm Stella. I got wind I'm heading to my new home in about a week. Some crazy blonde lady who owns this blog and a smart guy with glasses and a goatee are going to be my new human mommy and daddy. I kind of remember them when they came to pick me out. The crazy blonde lady wouldn't let go of me and kept asking me if I wanted to live in the country with them. I also remember she smelled like perfume and cookies. (Not a bad combo.)
I nibbled on the goatee guy's hand and tugged on his sleeve just to show him I may be petite, but I'm still tough!

Here's one of my latest photos taken this afternoon by the breeder lady.
Look how cute I am!


So anyway, I was told I'll have an older sister too. But she's not a Boston Terrier like me. Nope. She's a cha-wa-wa. Hmmm. I'm not sure what that is or how to spell it. Hope she won't mind me chewing on her face and stealing her toys. (I do that now with my brothers and sisters)

I'm really excited about my new family and living out in the country with them. Although I'm not sure what to expect, seeing I've only been on the planet for 7 weeks.

Here I am again!
Don't laugh. You'd make that face too if someone had their fingers on ya like that.


Uh-oh... I hear someone coming. I'd better get off this thing before the jig is up. I plan on either having a blog or a Facebook page. I haven't decided yet. I thought about Twitter, but that's for the "birds." (Get it?? I slay me!)
Besides, I have a lot to say and 140 characters or less isn't going to cut it!

See ya!!!



Peri said...

Hi Stella!
Let me be the first to tell you how cool it is to be on a blog! I am Hooky Cat and while I am not a dog (duh, obvious) I do like pups! I get to sit on CatDaddy's lap and read the blog your new mommy is cool. Lots of pictures and she is a good person from what I have seen. As for the older sister..she is pretty..likes to sit in warm places and to snuggle under blankets, I think. So do I. I hope you will have a blog and not Facebook because we don't do much Facebook, but we read this one every day!! I have a brother who lives in VA who is black and white. He is also a cat.
You will like your new place. It has a big yard for running and you have lots of toys...your older sister will share, I bet. Got to go, CatMomma doesn't know I can just takes practice, STella. Keep at it! Bye!
Love Hooky

Peri said...

Welcome, little Stella!
My cat, Hooky, seems to think you are really pretty. So do I. I bet your new human parents will really love having you live with them. The crazy blonde lady is actually very very nice. She knows my sister and my sister thinks the lady is very special.
So, work hard at typing. Hooky uses a pencil gripped in his paw to tap out the keys one by one. It takes a while, but he manages. He calls me CatDaddy but you can call me Peri. Welcome again. I know you will be happy.

Raymond Homestead said...

Thanks for making me smile Stella, you are going to love your new home! You are one adorable puppy!

Carol Roll said...

Oh Peanut she is divine! i know she is going to be so spoiled, what a lucky lil puppy! Hope the week flys by!

jennifer768 said...

Stella thanks for the smile!You are an adorable little lady and I for one hope the week passes fast.Hugs,Jen

Susan said...

I look forward to seeing many, many pictures of Stella. Hugs to the crazy blond lady and the goatee guy. They will make great parents for you.

Ali said...

Karin, your a hoot! Can't wait for more Stella posts.

Ali x

Cookie said...

Stella.... you are just the cats meow! So happy to meet you and to know you are going to make my friend and her husband soooo happy! Welcome to the family, sweet girl ♥

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