Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's black and white and...

cute all over??!!


You thought I was going for the ol' newspaper joke.

Did you guys think I could go all week without mentioning her? You know me better than that.

Twenty+ days and counting.
(As I impatiently stand with my arms folded, tapping my foot... Waiting.)

Happy Thursday!!

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Oh Karin, she is so sweet, I would be going crazy waiting for her to, Hugs Francine.

Nancy said...

Stella is adorable! Missing Darla won't be a bad with her around. By the way, Darla always reminded me of Bewildered, the Boston we had when I was growing up. Bostons are special dogs.

earlene said...

I love looking at Stella anytime!!
Keep it coming!

Peri said...

I hope you are showing each of her pictures to Gracie, so that she can be prepared for the new little sister! Wait..I think I hear a tiny little paw tapping...YES! Gracie is impatient as well...or was that Stella being impatient????
Maybe both!

Carol Roll said...

What a adorable lil blessing she is! Look at her markings. Definitely heaven sent and Darla approved!

Jan - Big Brown Dog Primitives said...

Cute, cute, cute! Really gald for you and Stella, Miss Karin.

Tina said...

Miss Stella is such a cutie-patootie!!! How fun for you that she will be home soon. btw, thanks for the uplifting comment you left on my New Years post. I was feeling pretty self conscience about how I looked for that event. ugh! you're sweet . thanks


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, gals!!! I should have new pics of her on Sunday!! Yippee!!!

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