Sunday, January 6, 2013

YIPPEE!!! Stella at 6 Weeks...

The breeder just send over new photos!!


I swear, my hubs cracks me up.
He said, "Either the lighting was really bad or Stella's been sweeping chimneys."


She is looking a little Cinderella-ish.
(Pre Fairy Godmother)


Oh man! She is even more adorable than last week!! Her precious lil' nose is starting to fill in too!

How am I going to get through these next two weeks until we can bring her home?!!

Maybe I'll spend my time looking for 4 tiny glass slippers on eBay.

More photos next Sunday!! YaY!!

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Oh my, Stella is sooo adorable Karin, I want one now.......Hope the weeks fly by for you and you will be kissing that little nose of hers......Hugs Francine.

Peri said...

Bostons are the only dogs I am not fond of because the only dogs which ever bit me was a Boston. However, I have to admit this one is simply too cute not to like. I think from the gray that she likes to play around the fireplace...OR she likes to play outside in the dust. Either way, she is cute. Lucky you...lucky Gracie!

earlene said...

I bet it is terrible waiting for your sweet new puppy!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, gals! ♥ The waiting is torture!
Thankfully Peri, I was never bitten by a dog. Although an acquaintance's Rottie came close to thinking my arm was a chicken wing.
When I get her home, I'll give her a sponge bath. I bet she shines up like a new penny. ♥

Raymond Homestead said...

Simply adorable!

Carol Roll said...

Thanks so posting the pics of this precious baby.

tj said...

..."STELLL-LAAA!" What was that movie? *thinking* :o)

...What can one say 'cept "ah-dorable"!

...May these next two weeks go by really, really fast! ;o)

...Blessings to you.

Peri said...

Just remembered that Susan actually does have some tiny glass slippers...maybe she would let Stella wear them!!

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