Tuesday, February 5, 2013

There's No Lights On In The Barn...


Not so many years ago,
If you were to take a drive,
Across America's farmland
And thru the countryside;

If by chance your ride should happen,
As the day was nearly done,
Most every farmstead on the road,
Would have the barn lights on.

The farmer and a kid or two,
Or maybe even more.
Each one busy with a task,
Doin’ up the evenin’ chores.

Milk the cow, feed the chickens
And gather up the eggs.
Throw some hay down from the loft
And water the sow and pigs.

Sometimes my mind will wander back,
And I’ll recall those days, now gone,
Of peaceful winter evenings,
And the lights on in the barn.

The smell of all the cattle,
Mixed with the grain and hay.
To me it was a pleasing smell,
Though, to you, it may not sound that way.

And while filling up the water tank,
I’d watch the cats at play.
A nearly perfect ending,
To another busy day.

Then gazing toward the house,
I could see the kitchen light.
Momma’s fixin’supper,
To feed us all tonight.

And the warm glow from that window,
Made this country boy work hard,
To get in to that apple pie
And that chicken fried in lard.

But the trend today is larger,
And fewer family farms.
Not so many places left now,
With the lights on in the barn.

They tell us that it’s progress,
And nothin’ stays the same.
We must look toward the future,
And not the past from where we came.

And I know, that is true,
But tell me, what’s the harm?
If I feel a twinge of sadness,
Cause There’s No Lights On In The Barn.

Everything is gettin’ big,
And no one seems alarmed,
That the chickens and the hogs now,
Are mostly raised on Factory Farms.

We’ve taken out the fences,
And..the barn.... it’s been torn down.
It takes a lot of room,
To turn 16 rows around.

My favorite memories take me back,
To the way we used to farm.
To a peaceful winter evening,
With the lights on in the barn.

Written by: Lewis Baumgartner


Peri said...

I love this poem and I agree completely. I never lived on a farm but visited several growing up and I, too, miss the lights being on in the barn. Thanks for this post!

Susan said...

I love this poem. Tim and his cousins used to spend summers on their grandparent's farm. They had sheep and pigs and Grandpa used those kids like sheepdogs to get the animals rounded up to take to market. Me, I'm a town girl myself, but I love those old barns. Always have.

Primitive Stars said...

Wonderful poem, enjoyed growing up on my Aunties farm.....many great memories, Hugs Francine.

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