Saturday, March 2, 2013

I should be cleaning, BUT...

instead I'm decorating!
I think homemade dollies look better in an old pickle crock than pickles,

 photo 6e4f3be8-fec8-4097-822b-5877278f20f6_zps63372b17.jpg

don't you?
Although I do love a snappy dill pickle.

 photo trunk3_zpsae0dcfee.jpg

An old steamer trunk can't be patriotic without Uncle Sam.

 photo 60f52e49-313b-4e05-a5f9-d8b4438cb5ad_zps36746386.jpg

or a birdie.
Okay, so I'm wrong about the birdie.

 photo trunk_zps8346fa9d.jpg

Like I said, I really should be cleaning.

BUT I can always clean tomorrow.
Yeah right. Then there's the one about the three bears.

Happy Saturday!!

:> )

UPDATE!!! Man, I should have known better!!
CLICK HERE and see for yourself.


Primitive Stars said...

Hi Karin. Love what you did, they all look great in the crock.....such a warm cozy room, Blessings Francine.

Carol Roll said...

Oh Peanut i adore your home! and your lil furbabies!

Susan said...

When are you gonna learn? Oh, right...never. Gotta love those fur babies, though. Hugs.

tj said...

...Beautiful Karin! You've got the skillz - now come decorate mine. :o)

...Enjoy your evening!

...Blessings. :o)

Penny said...

Oh No! Hope your little friend didn't ruin anything while redecorating!! :( Everything looks (looked?) great! ;)

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Love looking at your much inspiration!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thank you, Penny and Wendy! ♥

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