Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm on another mission...

I want to replace the small black console table I have in my kitchen with a *Drum roll please...
dry sink! Not only do I love the look, I also love the idea of extra cupboard space.

Most of you know I'm an insane "Craigslist Junkie." I have gotten the most awesome deals on there!
But man, I was surprised to see how hard it is to find a dry sink in these parts.
Well... At least one I can afford. I've mentioned many times in the past I'm rather cheap *cough* frugal with my earned money. Growing up, my Daddy taught me the importance of not blowing my cash on frivolous stuff and how I needed to save for a rainy day. Unfortunately, at the time I believed the sun was always shining so I didn't listen to him. But as I matured, I understood what he tried to teach me.

Even in this day and age of instant gratification and everyone "deserves" everything, I do understand and accept (wrinkling my nose) the fact that the $16,000.00 antique dry sink I want is out of my price range.
Hey, you can't have everything.
BUT the vintage 60's or 70's colonial reproduction (for under 150 bucks) dry sink is! So that's what I'm searching for! YaY!

But here are some examples of
(out of my price range) pretties. I'll just sit back with my drool bib on and enjoy...

 photo drysink2_zps08a84090.jpg

RED!! Be still my heart!!

 photo drysink4_zpsdce7f276.jpg

 photo DrySink1_zpse5dca89d.jpg

Anyone got $16,000.00 I can "borrow????"

 photo drysink6_zps887a2022.jpg

Love this gal's dry sink too!!! Check out the rest of her beautiful home!

 photo drysink3_zpsf86aaf28.jpg

Okay. Back to reality...
I did find this one that is somewhat local. It's about 50 minutes away and in my price range. So I plan to take a mosey out and have a lookie-loo.

 photo drysink0_zps3194637b.jpg

She definitely has that 70's dark stained pine vibe. But with a little work, I can give her the new look she "deserves."

See... even furniture "deserves" things now!!

I'll keep you posted.

Happy Sunday!!


Couldn't resist snapping this pic of Stella sleeping on my lap as I typed this post.

She's such an angel when she sleeps.
But when she's awake... pea soup should come shooting out of her mouth!

:> )

 photo sleepstella_zps62a2b27b.jpg


tj said...

...*swoons* at those drysinks! I would love to have one like the second one down, that's right up my alley! :o)

...I like the one that you will be going to see too. That could so be prim'd up to look older, it's got great form going for it already.

...That photo of Stella is just too sweet! She's a lil' doll. :o)

...Enjoy your day!

...Blessings. :o)

Peri said...

Have you looked in the local paper for one? Most places have a trade/sell paper which almost always has these things in it! Or you could spring for a bit more than $150 and have a local craftsman make you one. I have found that generally to be cheaper in the long run because new is more solidly built and what we really care about is the overall "look". I agree with you that $16K is about $15,500 too much!
Most of the decent originals are either too expensive or need to be rebuilt. Good luck with your search.
By the way, I think Hooky and Stella must be related in someway...cute and just a touch "demonic" at times!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I definitely love that red color!!
Unfortunately, it's still very pricy to have one made. Maybe someday. But for now, I think I can work a miracle on that groovy last one. :> )

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Wonderful piece.
Can't wait to see your transformation if you purchase it.
I know it will be amazing.
Love the photo of Stella.
Pea soup!! Hehee! Took me a second but then I got it. :)
I'm a little slow sometimes.

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