Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smile and say "Chicken Riggieeeeeeeeeees!"

 photo tri2_zps67cf6d45.jpg
Yesterday, I was blessed enough to meet two dear sisters who also happen to be two dear internet friends!!

They've been on a road trip and made it a point to swing by the old Countryfolk homestead out here in the sticks! YaY me!

Peri drove across country from California then picked up Susan in Virginia. Stopped at a few historical places then headed north. I was hoping to meet Peg too, but she headed back to California a bit early.
(Next time, Peg!) ♥

 photo tri_zps27775226.jpg

Marc was their driver. What a nice guy! He's a California native so driving out here in the rural Central New York countryside might have felt a bit like being in a "Wrong Turn" movie.
(I know, wrong state. But you get the idea.)
;> )

So I cooked up a batch of my Chicken Riggies, a loaf of homemade bread, topped it off with a chocolate pie for dessert and we all had a wonderful lunch together. Their next stop was the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. A place that must be visited if you're ever in my area.

They also brought gifts! You all know I turn into a giddy, eight year old when I am presented with a gift! But I kept my composure.

I now have American Heritage coffee and authentic colonial chocolate from Colonial Williamburg!
Me + Coffee + Chocolate + American History = Heaven.
A historic Jamestowne tee shirt with part of a Captain John Smith quote:
"...he that will not worke shall not eate..."
If you'd like to know the whole quote, look it up and learn some American history.

 photo b377f5c3-5c60-448c-aa76-8f18013e4b20_zps8132f0ac.jpg

I also got a tricorn hat!!

 photo tri4_zps280d264b.jpg

I think I'll wear it when I go grocery shopping on Friday.
Now where did I put my fife??

:> )


Carol Roll said...

giggle I dare you to take pics of you in the grocery store with that hat! oh and your fife hee hee.

What a great visit! Was Stella a good girl? We know Gracie was giggle!

Primitive Stars said...

You look so cute in your hat....How great to meet up with those gals, love that.....even presents, I agree, chocolate, coffee, nothing better......Enjoy, Francine.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Heck Carol, no need to dare me. You know I'll do it.
Truthfully, Stella was such a good girl. Gracie on the other hand... not so much. Poor Marc. Every time he moved, Gracie barked at him. Actually Gracie barked at everybody. She's getting crotchety in her old age. Sigh.
Francine, I plan to snack on my chocolate and sip some coffee while wearing my new t-shirt and hat. :> )

Susan said...

Hey Gal, we had such a nice time and your doggies were pretty good considering such a break in their routine. Thanks for making us look so presentable in your photos. We really did have a nice visit. Hopefully, soon I'll be getting pictures us from the trip on my page. Watch out, you'll show up, I'm sure. Thanks again for that Northern Hospitality!

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