Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Am I brave enough?

About 8 years ago, I special ordered a Laz-Z-Boy Rocker/Glider/Recliner.
At the time I had a beautifully reupholstered vintage wing back Ethan Allen couch, so I wanted a wing back Rocker/Glider/Recliner to coordinated with it.

Since the couch fabric was off white, tomato red and moss green plaid, I thought I'd go with a tomato red fabric on the chair.

Well... After a few years of dogs, a husband and sitting near a window
(have I mentioned a husband?!) ; my tomato red chair turned into this hideous, faded, dirty, pinkish-red "OMG what the heck was I thinking when I bought this" eyesore.

 photo 0e1b3743-53f4-4b6b-85fc-22e7d7643686_zpsa793547d.jpg

I was so embarrassed by it, it had to go. But this chair is so comfortable!! I really didn't want to get rid of it?
Besides, who would want it??
So upstairs in the den it did go.

I looked into slipcovers, but no one makes them for wing back rocker/glider/recliners. Just for sh*ts and giggles I did purchase regular wing back chair slipcovers. Hoping they would somehow fit.
Let's just it was like cramming a Sumo wrestler into full body spandex unitard.

I have thought about having it reupholstered. But after dishing out a small fortune for Stella's vet bill on Sunday, and her upcoming spaying surgery the end of this month, my mad money stash has all but disappeared now.

The question is, do I tackle the reupholstering myself?!
Heck, I've always been one to fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to projects, but for some reason this project intimidates me.

Maybe it's because I have the attention span of a flea and don't think I could focus on it long enough to make it look right.

Has anyone out there tackled a project like this with no experience? Please feel free to throw in your two cents.

And don't be surprised if I swipe those two cents and throw it back in my mad money stash. ((giggle))

Happy Tuesday!

:> )


Alison said...

Have your tried Google and especially, YouTube? I bet there's instructional videos on this that would do the trick for you.


Peri said...

Heck, Sue and I are practically infamous for tackling stuff without prior knowledge. (Ask her about repairing drywalling sometime). So I think you could manage this. The trick is all in the measuring actually...you are knowledgeable about sewing curves and odd shapes, so I recommend you go for it. After all, the worst thing is you have to get a new chair....you did mention a husband who sits in this one...well, if he needs his chair and it is de-constructed so to speak and cannot be re-covered...new chair in the future. Easy peasy I say!

Gayle said...

I recovered a wing back chair and swore I would never do it again because it was so difficult. The two couches I did were simple in comparison. (but that's just me)

maria said...

How about staining in a darker color like burgundy, mix fabric coloring and applied it with a wet cloth with the tint to obtain your desire color, after is completely dry I will sprayed with scotch guard to protect the color. Give it a try it will be much easier than upholstering.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies!
Ali, I did watch some videos. But I still find it all so intimidating.
Peri truth be told, my sewing skills are extremely basic. Only straight lines for me.
Gayle, thanks so much for the honesty. There is a lot of curves and piping on that chair which leads to the words "a big pain the butt."
Maria, I'm still not completely sold on painting upholstered furniture. BUT I do have a wonderful wood glider that needs new fabric on the removable cushions. After getting a quote of 230.00 to reupholster them (heck the glider costs me only 30 bucks!), painting them sounds really good. I'm going to give it a whirl! I've got nothing to lose. Worse case scenario, throw a throw over it like I do now! :> )

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my, I do hear ya on the chair, we have a Lazy boy that once was blue, but still so comfy I can't get rid of it......Hope you find a solution...Francine.

Tina said...

I used to follow a blogger that did this and had great instructions and darn if I can think of her blog. I'm sure you can do something wonderful with it.

Laura said...


try this place I think they have what you want ! Hope it helps :0)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Francine, that's why I can't get rid of it. It's solid too, I just picked really bad fabric.

T, if you're talking about painting upholstery, I think I have the blog tutorial you're thinking of. She does an excellent job.

Laura, the slipcovers I bought are Sure Fit. But they Sure (didn't) Fit. ((giggle))

Thanks again, all. I'm still kicking around ideas. I'll keep you posted.

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