Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I swear, my hubs is going to call the guys ...

in the white jackets with the big butterfly net.

Remember last year when I had an A.D.D. moment while I was baking chocolate chip cookies?
I wondered what was underneath the blue carpeting in the den so I thought I would pull back a tiny piece of carpet to take a peek and I did this...


Well I kinda had another A.D.D. moment today. This time it was when I was painting one of my birdies.
Since I love the new light color I painted the upstairs hallway, I wondered how the living room would look in that color. Since we moved in, I've always painted it some shade of muted green.

Well... I thought I would dab a little, tiny bit of paint on the wall and...

 photo living_zpseda83d79.jpg


I warned my hubs when he walked through the door that I did "something" in the living room. His exact words were, "Oh my God, what did you do now?!"

I'm pretty sure he was sizing me up for the perfect fit for my new straight jacket.
I hope it comes in red. Red is my color.

Ummm... I'll be spending the next few days painting my living room walls that wonderful new color.

Happy Wednesday night, all!

I'll snap pics when I'm done.

:> )


Carol Roll said...

Peanut i cant wait to see the new color! Your home is so lovely. Thanks for sharing and more pics more pics!

Tina said...

I can relate. giggling while reading this post. I like it. Well, one thing I can say is that youre not predictable. haha, enjoy

Peri said...

Nice to know I am not the only woman like this! The new color is wonderful and certainly makes a nice impression. You go, Girl!!

bayrayschild said...

Hiya girlfriend!
First of all I wish I had your energy and secondly I just love that you and I are somewhat similar when it comes to home improvements!
Keep on keeping on!
I love what you do, when you do what you do!


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Never a dull moment at your house!
Looking forward to your new color ~ always like to see pics of your beautiful home!
Happy painting!
Prim Blessings

Primitive Stars said...

Oh you make me laugh...girl after my own heart....Francine.

Alison said...

They say a change is as good as a rest. Although in your case, I think one is being got at the expense of the other...LOL!

Happy weeekend,


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