Thursday, August 22, 2013

When life gives you lemons...


Actually when life gives you lemons, the key is to keep a sense of humor.

Man, this week (unfortunately) we've been first in line for lemons.

Let's see... My clothes dryer started making loud, bizarre noises. Ummm. Noises like I've never heard before. It's scaring the bejeepers out of Gracie and Stella. Could be the bearings. (Who knew a dryer has bearings??)
Here I thought my hubs decided to dry a half a ton of gravel.

Next, we think the wheel bearing (yeah, it's been a bearing kind of week) on the right side of my Jeep went. So my hubs replaced it yesterday. Nope, that wasn't it. So he'll replace the left side tomorrow. Fingers, legs, toes and eyes crossed that solves my problem.

After that, my new (well, new to me) John Deere tractor mower wouldn't turn over. Some part blew. Thank goodness my sweet hubs is a small engine hoarder. He had the part he needed to fix it in his small engine parts stash. So I won't insist he seek a therapist for his problem.
At least not yet.

Then yesterday, I discovered that both my wall ovens didn't work and I was supposed to bake my MIL her birthday cake. ACK!! Man, I felt so bad! We ended up having chocolate pie. Was tasty too.
Hubs is stumped on why it doesn't work. It's probably some kind of major circuit board dew-hicky thing-a-ma-bob that's going to cost an arm and a leg or a major organ, to fix.
I wonder if I can get away with paying with Monopoly money?
Nah. The colors are a dead giveaway.
Although an orange 500 bill would be really cool...

So we will most likely need to call a repairman. But who the heck is going to come out here in the sticks?! Too bad Stan the Beaver didn't do appliance repair instead of carpentry. D*mn.
(Get it??? The play on words??) (hee-hee)

This post is a reminder that if the only problems we have in our lives are these? Then I am extremely grateful.

Am I aggravated?
Oh yes.

But this is life and excrement happens.

Who wants lemonade and a pink 5 dollar bill??!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!
Yes, I know it's only Thursday evening.

:> )


Peri said...

Finally, someone with a week worse than mine--along the adventure lines that is. The good news? While all this stuff happens to us, at least we are still kicking and still able to complain about it! So glad your hubs is, well, handy...does that make him a handyman???

Carol Roll said...

you always have such a great sense of humor thru the good and the bad! is sat now and i hope you and lil Stella are doing better. Pass me a glass!

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