Thursday, September 5, 2013

I went for a bike ride...

"By all these lovely tokens

 photo sept2_zpsac4081fc.jpg

September days are here,

 photo sept2_zpse5339de9.jpg

With summer’s best of weather

 photo sept1_zps04c424c4.jpg

And autumn’s best of cheer."
~Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

Get outside, enjoy nature and leave your "gadgets" home.


Peri said...

I agree completely! September is lovely and if the gadgets which require us to look at them constantly could just be left at home, we would be able to enjoy the month much more! Glad you are in such a lovely area! Wish I was there too.

Anonymous said...

Just starting to see a few signs of the seasonal change here. I gotta say, Autumn is my favourite time of year.


Maureen said...

A perfect little poem to read after spending a delightful morning out in my flower beds. Thank you!!!

Carol Roll said...

so nice to see these Peanut, still hot and steamy over here, cant wait to start walking again.

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