Thursday, September 26, 2013

No more white knuckle driving...

I no longer have to worry about having a rogue airbag unexpectedly go off while driving my Jeep. The problem was fixed yesterday. Hurray!!

So what if it took almost a year for the company to make the part to fix the problem after sending out the recall. What's a few more crashes?? Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.
Ummm. Please note sarcasm.

So now I can safely bring myself and Stella places and not worry about it.
Man, she LOVES to go for rides too. I swear, she's like a celebrity wherever I take her. People go crazy over Boston Terriers.

There's always someone who has a funny story about a Boston Terrier they once had, or their grandparents had or their neighbors had. Some of the stories I've heard are hysterical.

My sweet Stella can get all the attention she wants as long as she doesn't start putting her ears in little knots, wearing a flesh color skin tight bikini and carrying around a foam finger.
BUT the tongue wagging is acceptable.
Especially after playing with her Frisbee.

 photo 68f02def-9af0-45d7-be58-8d604b4a4bfa_zpsb63bae55.jpg

Happy Thursday!!

:> )


Susan said...

I suppose that now she is "fixed", she wont be twerking either. You so crazy.

Peri said...

Stella is deserving of all of her rides and all of the attention she receives! SHE is, you will recall, the awesome member of the family. But, if she had a foam finger, she would likely eat it!! She already understands about being a "Wrecking Ball"....

Hmmm....Glad the car is safe again! Enjoy!!

Carol Roll said...

giggle funny ladies!
Bostons are so cute smart and funny. I'm hooked and yes its true about the cult of Boston lovers.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, how sweet is Stella, make me smile once again.... Blessings Francine.

marly said...

The reference to that knot head gave me a chuckle!

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