Saturday, September 7, 2013

Survey Says...

Okay all you bloggers, time to chime in and give me your opinion.

First, I FINALLY got around to getting the handles for my genuine imitation beadboard "barn" doors.

But now I need to decide if the handles look better centered on the doors. Or look better lower on the doors.

These are the only choices I have since I already have holes where the old knobs were.


#1: Door handles centered...

 photo doors1_zpsd796490c.jpg

#2: Door handles lower...

 photo doors2_zpsff771a21.jpg

I know which way I like them. I also know which way my hubs likes them and of course we don't agree.

So tell me what YOU think and the majority wins!
Nah. It'll be my way. But hey! It will be fun to play along anyway!!
But maybe, just maybe you can persuade me otherwise...

So let's hear it.
Don't be shy.

:> )


Michelle said...


Tammy Young said...

I think I like photo # 1 best.
Both look good but my favorite is the first photo.

Peri said...

I like Number 2 photo better because it seems to be a more logical way to open the doors. The center position is attractive but is a bit too high to be logical.

jan said...

I say lower, #2. Centered is so "perfectly" spaced, it just looks wrong to me. ... jan

bayrayschild said...

OK Peanut my eyes went right to the centered look.
That's my vote and I'm sticking to it! #1

=) Audrey

Penny said...

I vote for Photo #2... Lower.
Anxiously awaiting to hear what you and your hubby think!!

maria said...

Lower, the 2nd photo shows to be the perfect hight.

Anonymous said...

"Survey says"....I used to love the late Richard Dawson on Family Feud!

I like no 1. I'm guessing you prefer no 2?

Judi Hunziker said...

My first reaction was to go for #1 but after looking at them several time and for practicality sake I am in favor of #2. Yes definitely go for #2. :~)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I had to run to the hardware store this morning to get different screws for the handles. So I'm not ready to tell just yet. But I'll give you a hint on my decision... Some of you are right and some of you are wrong. ((giggle))
Still keep those opinions coming!!

P.S. After my sweet hubs saw these photos, he actually agreed with me!!
Quick! Somebody grab some smelling salts 'cause I'm going to
f a i ... **thud**
:> )

Carol Roll said...

number 2

Susan said...

I'm the opposite of most everyone...number 1 is what I like, but then again, I do things like line up my silverware "just so" on the table and have even been known to measure to make sure each place setting was "correct". Hmmmm, that explains a lot, doesn't it???

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