Friday, October 18, 2013


Does anyone else rearrange a whole room for a plant??

Yeah, I didn't think so. Welcome to my
(cuckoo crazy) world.

I have two gorgeous (but enormous) Boston ferns hanging on my front porch. Now that the cold weather is here, they need to come inside. The problem is, I have no place to put them.
But I must make room for these ferns.
Now my brain goes into overdrive.

I spent the day, pulling, dragging and pushing furniture around. Got it all arranged to my liking.
But you want to hear a funny story??
I rearranged the room but never did find a place for the ferns.

Again. Welcome to my world.

 photo den1_zpsaac7a27f.jpg

 photo 88d8e168-43a4-4e1d-92f3-f6a971f3f2d2_zps82d86b82.jpg

 photo den3_zpsd7ba272c.jpg

Okay ladies... Here's another question for you.
Am I the only woman on the planet who has a husband purchase the most obnoxious color ethernet cable ever made? Man! It's bright "construction orange" and I'm pretty sure it glows in the dark too.
What the heck possessed him to buy that color?

When he took it out the package, the look on my face said it all.

Not only does it go across the floor, it goes up the wall and through the ceiling.

See it behind my lamp?
Yeah, I know it doesn't look that orange.
Trust me, it is.

 photo 02d8fb2e-b5c9-45fe-ab95-fdb3f5d0dacd_zpsa6815dab.jpg

So I will spend my weekend searching for a spot for the ferns and trying to camouflage that hideous cable.

Happy weekend, everyone!
:> )


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Yes my husband and I moved one piece of furniture and then we rearranged the entire house. Two weeks later we moved it all back--we are some kind of crazy!

Heather Wise said...

Yeah. I am so with you... Yup. Really. Can't say anymore (oh. side comment- I LOVE your walls!). Alright, so here is one story. In my classroom once (okay way more than once), I wanted to move one piece of furniture to open up some space in my room. That was at 4:30 pm. At 9:00 pm, I called my husband, crying, because I had torn apart my whole room, nothing fit where it should, and I ended up putting the whole room back the way it was AFTER 9:00 pm. Many tears were shed. Many.

Oh, and the cord... Yeah. Get that too. Could you krylon paint it? Like in a prim rust finish? Or is that dumb?

Still feeling your pain!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh ya Karin, been there done that, silly ole me.....Of all colours, what was he thinking, love the wee monkey face though......Beautiful room, don't think anyone will notice the cord, cozy, Francine.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Sounds like something my husband would buy then look at me in confusion when I objected.
I really like your flag painted wall. It makes me wish I had a place in my house to do that but then my husband would have the look on his face like you did with the cable.

Peri said...

First thought...move the lamp and put one of the ferns right in that corner to hide that hideous cord! Yes, hideous--we have one as well.
Second thought--put the other one in the far corner in the kitchen! It will stay nice and warm and will be out of the way. The dogs can hide under it!
Third thought - send them to Peachy for the winter! She has a new great big room, doesn't she? Let her "sit" them for the cold months and then send them back in the spring!
Awesome ideas, yes?
Zipper, the Golden Cat

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hee-hee! I got a chuckle out of everyone's posts!
I have to admit my sweet hubs was cool with me painting the flag on the wall. I told him what I wanted to do and he said go for it. Over the past year I thought about painting over it and he talked me out of it. ♥
But he really needs to get a grip in his choice of cable colors! I thought about painting the cord. With all my years of painting that's the one thing I've never done. :> )
Peri, there's a heat vent where that lamp is. So I put one in the other corner by the church pew. The biggest problem with keeping my ferns alive through the winter are the wood stoves. But I'm determined, so hopefully they'll survive.

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have four ferns in my gazebo. So wish I had a place to winter them as you. I have a thing about cords showing. I say spray paint it. I am not one for flags but I love your walls. Keep them. I saw the post with your table moved in and it is beautiful.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! :> )

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