Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Nine Degrees Below Zero...

So does anyone else have their window wide open with a fan in it? Or is it just me??

No, I'm not having hot flashes. I'm sanding the old pine floorboards in the bathroom with my trusty little belt sander.

 photo pine1_zps72092d5d.jpg

Man, it seemed so much easier when I sanded the living room and keeping room 10 years ago. Now it's much harder.
It can't possibly be my age. Must be the floorboards. ((giggle))

I also forgot what a horrible mess it makes!

 photo pine2_zpsa23c032c.jpg

I won't show you my upper half. Between the face mask and no makeup on, you may go running off in fear.
I could give Leatherface a run for his money.

We've had a few "mishaps" over the past few days.
Like when I was in my studio and all the sudden a hammer comes crashing through my drop ceiling, narrowly missing me.
The bathroom reno is directly above my studio and as my sweet hubs was hammering in new floorboards the hammer slipped out of his hand and it fell through the hole in the floor. After it landed I heard a faint, "Sorry!"

Hmmm... Now that I think of it, I should check to see if my hubs secretly increased my life insurance policy. Might be why there's banana peels on the stairs too. ((giggle))

Happy Hump Day, all!!

:> )


Peri said...

Sounds like fun at the old homestead in the North! Sanding floors in the cold, dropping hammers through ceilings...ah the glories of DIY! Are you certain that you are not part beaver?? They work all the time too!
Don't worry about the banana peels on the stairs..they are probably left there by Stella...odd sense of humor, that dog!
At least when everyone else has to start their reno projects in the Spring, YOURS will be finished. Ha Ha for you!

Alison Harriman said...

Boy oh boy, I remember doing that years ago. May be doing it again soon too!


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